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Lydecker, the "flawed antagonist" of Dark Angel is said to be a transposition of Deckard , the "flawed hero" of Blade Runner. His flashbacks of this traumatic relationship use piano music similar to that used in Blade Runner to denote memories and a desire for former times. Initial reaction to the series and Max's character was mostly positive, with favorable reviews in Rolling Stone and Time.

The first episode was behind only CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as the most watched new show of the week, albeit in a week with fewer new shows because of the presidential debate coverage.

Fox chose to debut Dark Angel instead of airing the first presidential debate , a move which TV analyst Marc Berman praised, saying: "The people who watch the debates aren't the people who'll tune into Dark Angel anyway", though he predicted that the premiere's high ratings would not hold up as the show competed against more varied competition in subsequent weeks.

Heldenfels of the Sun Journal noted the poor ratings of Friday night television , especially the low viewing rates among 18 to year-olds, the age-group that Dark Angel was most popular with. Commenting on the release of the second season, Cynthia Fuchs of PopMatters said the first season of Dark Angel was one of the "few straight-up successes, a ratings hit among the coveted 'youth' demographic. Dark Angel isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it is compelling television that teen sci-fi fans will enjoy.

While criticizing certain plot elements in the second season as contributing to the show's downfall, Muir said that larger factors in ratings dropping were the September 11 attacks , the Enron scandal , and the depletion of the U.

In the season one episode "Out", transgender actress Jessica Crockett portrayed "Louise", a young woman on a date with Normal. The film Hitman re-used footage of Max and other Manticore children in training from Dark Angel. It was used to portray the Hitman protagonist Agent 47 , a cloned assassin who, like the Manticore children, has a barcode on the back of his head.

Dark Angel was nominated for fewer awards in its second season. The R1 releases contain several special features, including four episodes with optional commentary in each season, bloopers , deleted scenes, and featurettes. She also noted the episode's commentary was mainly by writers and producers, and did not feature James Cameron or any of the actors. Both seasons were re-released in R1 on June 5, , with slim packaging consisting of one plastic case containing all six discs which were unchanged in content and cosmetics.

A video game of the same name based on the series was developed by Radical Entertainment , published by Sierra Entertainment and released for PlayStation 2 on November 18, , and later on Xbox.

Alba and Weatherly voiced their respective characters in the game. Development of the game started before the series was cancelled, and the game was met with mixed to negative reception upon release. Brett Todd of GameSpot gave the game 3. Three original novels written by Max Allan Collins expand upon the Dark Angel television series, [5] with two picking up directly where the series ended, [87] and another serving as a prequel. It is addressed to Detective Matt Sung, a recurring character from the series who aides Logan, instructing him that the package he is sending him contains documents pertaining to the four most critical Eyes Only investigations.

If he is killed by the potential invasion of Terminal City, Logan wants Sung to carry on the investigations. The rest of the book contains the documents relating to the four investigations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. US science fiction drama television series. Science fiction Action Drama Superhero. James Cameron Charles H. Chuck D Gary G-Wiz. Joel McNeely Amani K. Main article: List of Dark Angel episodes. Main article: List of Dark Angel characters. May 21, Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved July 16, Dark Angel.

October 5, Fox Broadcasting Company. Screen Rant. August 20, Archived from the original on August 28, British Film Institute. Archived from the original on October 14, Retrieved October 14, Boca Raton News.

DVD Talk. Archived from the original on June 26, Retrieved June 20, Philadelphia Media Network. Retrieved June 23, Entertainment Weekly. July 21, Sun Journal. Lewiston, Maine. Eglee writer October 21, Archived from the original on July 13, Retrieved June 22, New York Post. Archived from the original on June 27, Common Sense Media. Archived from the original on July 15, March 13, Thus were more Primaris added to the Chapter's ranks, moulded in exactly the manner the Chapter desired.

Some of the Firstborn Dark Angels chose to cross the Rubicon Primaris , impressed by the physical feats that their new brethren could achieve. Some traditionalists refused to go through such a process.

Others advised against this course of action; with a high risk of death during the procedure, the Chapter could lose many of its warriors. Some crossed without choice, returned to battle readiness after suffering grievous injuries only through the intervention of the new Primaris organs. The Inner Circle decreed that the Apothecarion would carry this out with seriously wounded Battle-Brothers to ensure that the Chapter had more Primaris Space Marines who could be fully trusted.

The Primaris were undoubtedly powerful and useful, but many of the Inner Circle retained misgivings over the former Greyshields of the Unnumbered Sons who had reinforced the Unforgiven. Inevitably, questions arose around whether Primaris Space Marines formerly of the Greyshields and of the Ultima Founding Chapters should be inducted into the Inner Circle.

Some Firstborn argued that it simply could not be allowed to happen. Others stated that as inheritors of the Lion's genetic legacy, they should have the mental fortitude to handle the secrets they might learn, and indeed a responsibility to play their part in the eventual defeat of the Fallen. Some took a more pragmatic view, their stance being that battlefield attrition alone might require it.

The debate moved from a purely theoretical one as some members of the Inner Circle personally vouched for certain individuals or reported incidents where the Fallen had been observed by those who should not have seen them. One such example was Interrogator-Chaplain Zaeroph, who had been serving alongside the 3rd Company in the Chalnath Expanse.

His testimony was of particular significance, given his previous hostility to the reinforcements brought to The Rock by Roboute Guilliman.

All of these arguments informed Supreme Grand Master Azrael's thinking on this most important of questions. His knowledge of the Dark Angels' secrets surpassed all others, and he alone knew the full risks and opportunities in any course of action.

All of this information bore upon his thinking, as did his own experience of seeing the Greyshields' impressive skills in battle. He thought long on the matter. Luther's escape weighed heavily on his mind. This burden was only made heavier when rumours reached him of a mustering of the Fallen beginning in the Somnium Stars. He doubted little that Luther himself was in some way responsible. Should these rumours hold any truth, potentially every one of the Unforgiven would have to be ready to meet the threat.

No doubt this played a significant role in his decision to permit the induction of the former Greyshields and warriors of the Ultima Founding into the Inner Circle, should they be deemed worthy of such an honour and indeed judged capable of withstanding the shock of the truth.

When Azrael made his decision known, many of the company Masters and Chapter Masters were incensed. Knowing that he could not tell them of Luther's escape, Azrael faced the prospect of causing a second schism amongst the sons of the Lion. The gravest threat the Dark Angels and their successors had faced in ten thousand Terran years brewed in the Somnium Stars, and he risked making more of his brothers Renegade.

Employing all of his diplomatic skill and appealing to the successors' unimpeachable sense of duty, he persuaded all to consider another test. The Deathwing had petitioned him with one Brother Apharan. The former Greyshield had earned their attention, and the Deathwing believed he might be worthy of joining their number. Azrael put to the Chapter Masters and Masters that he had confidence that Apharan would pass the trials, hear the truth, and succeed as any Dark Angel might.

Azrael staked his Chapter's entire reputation on a single warrior. Many of those sceptical were moved by Azrael's conviction and humility before them, despite his superior rank. Many were persuaded by this act alone, knowing that Azrael would never make such a choice without total confidence in future success. Azrael personally oversaw Apharan's trials, which the former Greyshield passed.

Whilst some of the successor Masters remained sceptical, they still conformed, their loyalty to and trust in Azrael outweighing their doubts. With this matter resolved, the Dark Angels and the Unforgiven ply the stars with renewed vigour and unity of purpose just as the Lion and his knights swept old Caliban, purging the galaxy of the Traitor, mutant, Heretic, and alien wherever they find them.

For the Unforgiven, the slaying of every foe is an act of repentance. They break sieges, crush rebellions, and stymie invasions. All the while their Inner Circles remain ever vigilant for signs of the Fallen, following leads wherever they are found. Those Primaris Marines formerly of the Greyshields have knowledge of Mars and the returned Primarch beyond the wildest dreams of the Librarius and Interrogator-Chaplains and provide vital intelligence that the Dark Angels never had access to before.

Despite their eventual embrace of their Primaris brethren, the Dark Angels were less accepting of the Martian magi who accompanied them when Guilliman reached The Rock. These senior Tech-priests are essential to the induction and creation of new Primaris Space Marines, a state of affairs the Chapter finds extremely irksome. Many pains have been taken to give them as little access to The Rock as possible and keep them under heavy surveillance.

At the same time the Dark Angels' Techmarines and Apothecaries strive to learn all they can from the magi, in the hopes that they can render the Martian priests redundant.

The Unforgiven operate with great coordination in these most trying of times. Accusations of "Legion building" are spoken louder than ever before in some Inquisitorial circles, but the counter-arguments in defence of the Dark Angels and their successors are now made just as loudly. The Unforgiven's martial might is beyond question, their tally of victories now beyond count.

Some make the argument that such a force acts as an essential counterweight to the growing political power of Ultramar in the Imperium following Guilliman's resurrection. The ferocity of this debate has grown such that internecine conflict has broken out among some Inquisitors , each participant believing they are doing what is best for the Imperium.

Rumours, psychic signatures and the torture-wrought confessions of captured prisoners tell of a mustering of the Archenemy within the darkest recesses of the Warp-shrouded Imperium Nihilus.

They speak of a gathering of many of the Fallen Angels in the Somnium Stars, a corrupted Dark Angels Legion reassembling in numbers enough to bring the entire galaxy to heel. Using The Rock as their mobile fortress, the Dark Angels have crisscrossed the galaxy bringing war to the Emperor's enemies.

Few other Space Marine Chapters can match their roll call of victories -- for they have fought in the forefront of many of the most crucial battles in the Imperium's history. For the Dark Angels, however, no action ever is enough to atone for the sins of their ancestors -- they remain the Unforgiven until every last Fallen Angel has been captured, repented and accepted the Emperor's Peace.

When the Dark Angels achieve a battlefield objective, they immediately leave to seek their next engagement. They are not a Chapter who rebuilds shattered Imperial worlds or performs humanitarian missions -- they are the Emperor's warriors, bred solely for battle.

After every combat, they reclaim their wounded and fallen comrades and any prisoners they have taken before returning to their orbiting fleet. As a general rule, the secretive Dark Angels do not share battle records with the Administratum. They comply with the letter of Imperial law which requires that astropathic reports be made to Terra concerning their campaigns, but these communications remain minimal.

The Imperium's knowledge of the Chapter's plans and actions are vague, on a par with only the Space Wolves , who are infamous for the utter disregard they show the bureaucrats of the Adeptus Administratum. The Imperium gleans most of its knowledge about the Dark Angels' activities from outside reports, such as those submitted by those Planetary Governors and Imperial Commanders who fought beside them, or from the Inquisitors sent to inspect them.

With their triumphs far too numerous to list in full here in this limited space, what follows are those battles that the Dark Angels themselves consider worthy of special commemoration by the Chapter. The star of the Hexagrammaton , centred behind it. The Lion's tenets of loyalty, discipline and self-efficiency were incorporated into everything the Legion did.

As the I st Legion had been created from Terran warriors gifted with the gene-seed of the stalwart, if reticent, Lion El'Jonson, the Dark Angels had always been regarded as dedicated and serious-minded warriors.

Like their primogenitor, they were slow to anger, but tenacious and all but unstoppable once roused. Before the Horus Heresy, a Space Marine Legion might count ten thousand or more warriors under a single command, though the exact numbers of the Dark Angels Legion in the days of the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy remain unknown in current Imperial records. However, the Legion was considered to be of moderate size for the time.

Under the Lion's supervision, the I st Legion was organised into specialised formations known collectively as the Hexagrammaton , and colloquially as the "Six Wings. These formations were an amalgamation of the Terran pre- Principia Belicosa approach and organisation of the proscribed formations of the early Legiones Astartes and Caliban's knightly orders. Before the creation of the first Space Marine Legions, the Legiones Astartes were organised into a formation known as the "Six Hosts of the Angels of Death," with each of these hosts having its own specialisation and purpose.

The I st Legion followed the principles of the Principia Bellicosa , organising their Legion's strength into Chapters, which were led by Masters, and below them Orders, which were led by Paladins. These formations were further broken down into companies, led by Captains.

Members of the Six Wings were distributed amongst squads and companies, where they acted as Captains, Sergeants, and line Legionaries, or in specialised formations when assembled on orders from their respective Voted-Lieutenant of a wing. These Voted-Lieutenants acted as both commander of their wing and often acted as counsel to their Primarch.

Voted-Lieutenants were elected by their peers rather than being nominated by a superior. They would then have their nominated successor chosen to command the wing in the event of their untimely death, so as not to interrupt the cohesiveness of a wing's command. On the field of battle, a commander responsible for an area of operations or campaign had to request the intervention of one of the Six Wings.

When such a request was made and eventually accepted, the members of the requested wing were summoned from their duties, when possible, in order to assemble and conduct operations under the command of their Voted-Lieutenant's orders.

The Deathwing and the Ravenwing are still used by the Dark Angels to this day in their hunt for the Fallen. The other four orders have been lost to the mists of time and are no longer fielded by the Dark Angels. They have been unseen since the era of the Horus Heresy. The Deathwing are notoriously stubborn and resistant, refusing to buckle under extreme pressure from enemy advances even when it would be more advantageous to retreat.

Yet the Deathwing is not solely a tactical formation. Promotion to the Deathwing also means that an individual is made privy to many of the Chapter's dark secrets.

The most closely guarded of these secrets is that of the betrayal of Luther and the Fallen, and the subsequent loss of their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson. The Ravenwing protocol, which focused on the use of anti-gravitic units and all-terrain bikes, had its origins in early Legiones Astartes tactics for rapid-moving search and destroy formations, some of which dated back to the nomadic war clans of pre-Unification Terra.

After Caliban's discovery during the Great Crusade, these formations were revived and expanded as they offered a form of rapid strike warfare the knights of Caliban both understood and had perfected over many generations, though now their steeds were ones of unyielding metal, rather than flesh. The speciality of the Dreadwing was total warfare using the most sinister of weapons. The elected Voted-Lieutenant, bearing the title of "Dreadbringer," commanded Destroyer Squads supported by other types of units to bring total annihilation of a foe on a specific battlefield.

Their hallmark was the use of dark, sinister, and shunned munitions such as Phosphex , Rad and Vortex Weapons. Its purpose is not currently known, and is completely lost to the mists of time. There are, however, intriguing heraldic links between the Firewing and the sigil of the Consecrators , a Successor Chapter of the Dark Angels. The Ironwing Protocol was developed before the Great Crusade was fully born, when the first Space Marines were used by the Emperor to exterminate threats to Mankind too dire to be allowed to endanger the glorious future.

He had designed later variants of this protocol, which sought to wed the superhuman power of the Legiones Astartes and amplify that killing strength with newly-designed, bespoke armoured units -- such as the Land Raider -- as well as mighty Dreadnoughts in close support, for the Ironwing's mission required the shock application of brute force.

Those were entered into the Principia Belicosa for use and development by the Legions that would follow, notably the X th and IV th , but the Dark Angels would continue to develop the tactical pattern to serve their own ends. The Stormwing specialised in spaceborne boarding operations. Only the most dedicated warrior-adepts of the Legion could attain the rank of Cenobite and were granted the right to bear the cipher of one of the orders of the Dark Angels.

Clad in the finest Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour they were covered in the symbols and heraldry of the I Legion. The Cenobites of the Inner Circle could easily weather the storm of shrapnel and flame produced by the terrible weapons of the Great Crusade with limited risk.

Armed with the best weapons that the Legion could provide, they would bring the fury of their assault into the heart of enemy fortifications. These temporary squads were outfitted with a Terranic Greatsword and a Plasma-Caster , a small Plasma Weapon unique to the Dark Angels Legion fitted into the Astartes' vambrace to allow the Inner Circle Knights to fight unencumbered in combat. As the I st Legion, the Dark Angels were originally outfitted with a panoply of arms drawn not from the fruits of the Emperor's pact with Mars , but instead from the arsenal of the Unification Wars of Ancient Terra; relic weapons and technologies of great potency but often difficult to replicate and even treacherous, many of which would be later forbidden.

Long after the other Legions were formed, and the Great Crusade ratified and standardised much of the Legiones Astartes wargear so that it could be replicated on Forge Worlds across the Imperium, the Dark Angels retained many of these ancient and potent relics, as well as the techno-arcana that resided within them. These they continued to employ solely within the Legion, weapons whose secrets were never fully yielded to Mars or their Space Marine brethren by the Emperor's own command.

These weapons included the following:. Following the tragic events of the Horus Heresy, the Dark Angels began acting suspiciously and growing more insular, which was noted by many watchful eyes.

Having incorporated the structure of the original Order on Caliban into the Legion, the remaining Dark Angels took that knightly brotherhood a step further, becoming even more monastic in manner.

The Dark Angels sought to lay down the new rigours that would govern them in the wake of the terrible events that had led to the Fall of Caliban. At this time in the early 31 st Millennium, entire new divisions of the Imperium, such as the Inquisition , were developed with the sole purpose of seeking out and destroying internal corruption related to the treachery of the Horus Heresy and the actions of Chaos on the human-settled worlds of the Imperium.

Inspections following the destruction of Caliban judged the Dark Angels fit to continue as a Loyalist Legion. Some leeway for their new reclusive behaviour was granted due to the simultaneous loss of the Legion's Primarch and homeworld, but largely it was allowed because of the Dark Angels' ongoing and relentless heroics against the Imperium's foes during the travails of the Great Scouring. Regardless of these allowances, the Dark Angels remained closely monitored by the Imperial authorities and particularly by the nascent Inquisition.

After the disappearance of their Primarch, it did not seem that strange for the remaining Dark Angels to withdraw further into their own brotherhood. If before they had been described as reserved, now they were, at best, taciturn: at worst, they were cold and austere. Behaviour that once would have been described as pensive was now more like a brooding silence.

Yet there was one thing that had not changed -- their campaigns continued to be well-planned and effective actions. If the Dark Angels were in some strange mourning, it in no way dampened their ability to bring battle to the enemies of the Imperium and of Mankind. Many changes happened within the Imperium during those dark days. They had all recoiled in horror at the full realisation of how insidious the betrayal had been, how far across the galaxy the roots of corruption had spread.

Never again could the Imperium be subjected to such widespread rebellion; drastic measures had to be undertaken.

To avoid the threat of the Space Marine Legions falling under the influence of the Archenemy, the remaining Legions were sub-divided into a number of smaller Chapters. Under the new structure of this so-called Second Founding , each Chapter's size was limited to a thousand warriors. The organisation, tactics and roles of these new "Chapters" -- a word derived from the former primary sub-divison of a full Legion -- were defined in a hugely influential work known as the Codex Astartes.

Roboute Guilliman , the Primarch of the Ultramarines, almost single-handedly undertook the work of preparing the Codex Astartes. The proscriptions within its pages not only lessened the risks of a single Traitor altering the course of the Imperium, but also allowed the limited number of Loyalist Space Marines remaining to be more flexible -- spreading more widely across the galaxy to confront Mankind's many enemies.

The organisation of the Dark Angels Chapter and its Unforgiven Successors differs from the standards of the Codex Astartes in the shape of its higher ranks, along with the order of battle of its 1 st and 2 nd Companies. After the destruction of Caliban , the senior members of the I st Legion assembled in secret conclave.

They decreed that knowledge of the fall from grace of their brothers must remain undisclosed for all time, and that no outsider must ever learn of the schism that had split the Legion or that some Space Marines of the Dark Angels Legion had turned to the Ruinous Powers like the Astartes of the Traitor Legions. Should this dreadful truth ever become known, they feared that the Dark Angels would come to be reviled as Traitors like those who had followed Horus , and all hope of expunging the stain to their honour in the Emperor's eyes would be lost forever.

As the decades following the Fall of Caliban turned to centuries, the Inner Circle took shape. It grew from an ad hoc conclave into a formal, if still furtive, organisation that spread through not just the Dark Angels, but their Successor Chapters as well. Recruitment planets were founded and new generations of Dark Angels were added, replacing the ranks of those lost in battle. The regimens and drills of the Chapter were strict, with special emphasis on brotherhood and loyalty.

However, the Masters and elder warriors who led the instruction told the Neophytes nothing of the sins of their forefathers. The truth of what occurred and knowledge of the Fallen was withheld, now known only to the increasingly small number of brethren who had survived it. The Inner Circle was comprised of the Legion's most senior officers, formed to forever guard this dangerous knowledge, and each member swore oaths of unspeakable secrecy.

However, even the members of the Inner Circle receive gradations of the truth, and only the Supreme Grand Master of the Chapter is currently privy to all of the Dark Angels' many secrets. The Grand Masters of the Inner Circle swore that so long as even one of the Traitor Fallen Angels remained alive and unrepentant, the Dark Angels would bear the stigma of the Unforgiven , cursed by their own brothers to atone for all eternity for the sins of the past.

Until every last Fallen Dark Angel was captured and made to repent, there could be no peace for those sons of the Lion who had remained true to their duty.

This would be the true mission of the Inner Circle, and, through its secretive machinations, of the entire Chapter. The Inner Circle hides its true face even from its own.

Where many Space Marine Chapters openly celebrate their ancestors' achievements, the Dark Angels take great pains to tell their story one passage at a time. Much of the Dark Angels' teachings to their brethren on this subject are couched in allegory, parable and myth, the same essential truths told again and again in one form after another. As veterans rise through the unseen levels of trust, more of the truth is gradually revealed to them by the ranking members of the Inner Circle.

Deathwing Terminator. The first such allegory a Dark Angel is told recounts the so-called Tale of Two-Heads-Talking, in which a band of Deathwing Terminators returned to the planet of their birth to find their people enslaved by hideous xenos overlords.

Daubing their armour white, as was the tradition of their native people, the Terminators began their death-quest. They defeated their enemy, but at the cost of the life of their beloved Librarian. Similar tales are told at every stage in a Dark Angel's progression through the ranks, the details changing from one story to the next, but the essential truth remaining.

Each tells of a group of heroes returning to their homeworld to find their people enthralled by a Traitor, and only at the cost of eternal humiliation and dishonour are the enemies defeated. Even then, some always escape, to be hunted down later. Only on his ascension to the elite 1 st Company, known within the Dark Angels Chapter as the Deathwing , will a Battle-Brother of the Dark Angels or the other Unforgiven Chapters begin to learn the truth of the events that transpired at the very dawn of the Age of the Imperium.

This is the first ring of trust within the Inner Circle and those who are considered for membership are observed, unaware, by those within the hidden order and also by the diminutive Watchers in the Dark , the mysterious humanoid creatures that haunt the lower levels of The Rock. It is essential that only those who have proven their loyalty to the Chapter time and time again across the decades are allowed to progress.

Silent and hooded brothers lead any aspirants before the assembled Inner Circle for the great rituals of judgement, and those chosen are elevated to the Deathwing, or disappear forever, further casualties of the Unforgiven's shame. While a new member of the Inner Circle might suppose he has now been told the whole truth about his Chapter, such is not the case. There remain circles within circles, levels within levels, with each step accompanied by its own rituals.

Entering the 1 st Company is only the beginning of a Dark Angel's journey towards the truth. For months, her family in California heard nothing from their daughter. Then they received a telegram from Bellevue Hospital: "Your daughter is acute paranoid schizophrenic. Needs hospitalization. The only real information that remains about this period is that during Dawn's pregnancy, she began to dream of a dark angel.

She continued to experience visions and dreams, mixed with bouts of rage, and soon her previous lifestyle eroded. Tara was raised primarily by relatives. As a result, Holley discovers the unconventional ways in which her mother shaped her own identity.

By age 21, Holley had assumed full responsibility for her mother's hospitalizations, medications and transitional housing. This was no simple task for a college music student who also held two jobs, but she managed to keep vigil over Dawn, who wandered the streets of Austin, Texas, unkempt and often disoriented. Despite Holley's attempts to locate the most sympathetic doctors and hospitals, Dawn claimed to be happiest when she roamed the streets. And despite Holley's strident loyalty to her mother, she admits to a moment or two of denial.

In one painful scene, Holley is walking with a professor when she sees her mother in the distance, clad in urine-stained clothes. Holley panics, telling her professor she has to stop at the co-op, and ducks into a doorway. As her mother passes, Holley notes that her mother's fingernails are bitten off to the quick; blood has dried around the cuticles.

The moments of connection with her mother remain few but precious to Holley, who describes happily singing classical music for Dawn. But Dawn's enthusiastic response provoked both joy and guilt in Holley, who wondered why she and not her mother was allowed to pursue a musical career unhampered by mental illness.

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