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Build a chain of words by adding one letter at a Login or Register. Thesaurus deterioration noun.

The neighborhood was deteriorating, or evolving, as you happened to look at it. These rooms, such is the deteriorating effect of modernity, are now offices. Pigments will not have a deteriorating effect on each other as long as they are solid. Contact with these beings has a deteriorating effect in all cases.

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  1. Deterioration definition is - the action or process of becoming impaired or inferior in quality, functioning, or condition: the state of having deteriorated. How to use deterioration in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of deterioration.
  2. noun the act or process of deteriorating. the state or condition of having deteriorated. a gradual decline, as in quality, serviceability, or vigor.
  3. deterioration: noun abasement, abrasion, atrophy, caducity, consumption, corrosion, corruption, debasement, decadence, decay, declension, declination.
  4. the process or fact of becoming worse: We cannot allow continued deterioration of our production standards. A deterioration in retail sales in the second quarter has resulted in a poor forecast. .
  5. SEE SYNONYMS FOR deteriorate ON verb (used with or without object), de·te·ri·o·rat·ed, de·te·ri·o·rat·ing. to make or become worse or inferior in character, quality, value, etc. to disintegrate or wear away.
  6. Some common synonyms of deterioration are decadence, decline, and degeneration. While all these words mean "the falling from a higher to a lower level in quality, character, or vitality," deterioration implies generally the impairment of value or usefulness. the deterioration of .
  7. Another word for deterioration. Find more ways to say deterioration, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  8. Jan 02,  · Deterioration refers to the action or process of becoming impaired or inferior in quality, functioning, or condition. Deterioration is defined as a loss of structural capacity with time as a result of the action of the external agents or material leaching (Sanchez-Silva et al. ).
  9. de·te·ri·o·rate (dĭ-tîr′ē-ə-rāt′) v. de·te·ri·o·rat·ed, de·te·ri·o·rat·ing, de·te·ri·o·rates To diminish or impair in quality, character, or value: Time and neglect had deteriorated the property. 1. To grow worse; degenerate: The weather deteriorated overnight. .

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