Dream Lemur/Low Tides

Interesting that also in my dream there was a correlation between a lemur and a cat. What do you think about this? Like Liked by 1 person.

Thanks for sharing the dream here, anacronis! I am just researching a lot about the animal. Like Like. Several years ago, I had a lemur dream and still remember the vividness of the image: It is dusk, and the lemur is exploring along the edge of a cliff that is the border between two countries… a strong sense of numinosity pervaded this dream, and I, too, looked up lemurs and learned more about them.

Thank you for your lemur dreams—and for sharing some of those powerful stories. Thank you for sharing that lovely lemur dream image Kirsten. The image of a lemur as you experienced it seems very fitting for a lemur to me.

The image seems loaded with hermetic qualities: cliff, borders between two countries, dusk. What a wonderful way for the lemur to appear to you. I know for me, lemurs continue to be very special creatures near and dear to my heart.

Interpretation of my dream brought me here. I see this energetic lemur running around the room frantically looking for an exit. I am trying to grasp the situation n help it, before it starts jumping on me. Each time it takes a higher jump as if coming for me. First, I was a witness in the dream n then I call the danger lemur to myself.

What can this signify? The interpretation of the lemurs as as vengeful ghosts of the deceased … someone who has dissed the ancestor with an improper funeral or burial is so haunting… I will definitely try to write down my dreams in order to try to catch the hidden symbolism. Excellent post, as always, Debra. All the best to you for Dreams more than fascinate, they reveal a wholely different dimension than the dayworld.

I see them not so much for what they say about the dayworld, but as glimpses into another realm, one that is entirely other and perhaps irrational when compared to the waking world. I want a cool dream like that lucid astral experience. After reading this, I incubated a lemur dream. My dream lemur lounged in a big wooden beach chair facing the ocean and reading a book. This beach and chair are on the April page on my calendar, sans lemur.

Since I sometimes dream the future, this may be a clue to an April event. Dream symbols are so personal. My favorite book on understanding them is Mindful Dreaming by David Gordon, a psychologist who is an expert on dreams. He guides the reader through understanding his or her unique dream imagery world.

He never gives you a this-means-that canned interpretation, but instead provides a way to explore your dreams as your private mythology. Have not heard of David Gordon, but will look him up. The dream tribe idea, as I understand it, comes from Tess Castleman. I would thing hanging out at the beach would be a great lemur pastime and certainly a great human pastime as well.

I saw lemurs at the Cheyenne Mt Zoo just last Saturday. So cool that you got to see lemurs. They are adorable and from what I have read, very kind creatures, compared to some monkeys anyway. Yeah, not sure what to make of the dreams yet. I do appreciate hearing your take on the dream though. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season! It has been fun to get to know you a bit here and through your blog posts this past year. Of course you are the best interpreter of your own dream images!

Maybe a series of spirals appeared in your dream in a variety of ways, from pine cones to spiral staircases. Pray about whichever shape or shapes most captured your attention during your dream, asking God and his angels for the guidance you need to correctly interpret the symbolic meaning. Whatever connections the shapes have to your waking life can act as clues to their meanings in your dream.

The shapes in your dreams also have universal symbolic meanings that developed throughout world history and cross cultural boundaries. Renowned psychiatrist and dream researcher Carl Jung believed that even when the shapes appearing in dreams don't seem to make sense, they have a greater meaning.

Salvador Dali, one of the world's most famous surrealist artists, said that the shapes in his dreams often inspired him both creatively and spiritually. If a woman sees herself having hairy legs in a dream, it means humiliation or a trick that she will play before her husband, or that her private life will become public knowledge, or that she will receive spiritual guidance after that she lived in heedlessness. A leg in a dream also denotes hardships. If one sees his legs banded or tide together in a dream, it means fear, poverty and adversities.

Exposing one's legs in a dream means abandoning prayers, and it could mean humiliation. Legs in a dream also signify writing, admonition, advice, reading a book, wisdom, one's rank, pleasure, pitfalls, fault in advising, or wrong interpretation of religious matters.

Also see Foot; Thigh Ship Dream Explanation — If one sees himself as a ship ebbing and stretching as the tide fall in the sea, then if the sea calms in the dream, it means that he will receive a high ranking appointment, leadership, authority and honor.

If you saw a special oven designed for baking lime, this dream advises not to take hasty decisions in love or business. Kiln warns: be careful and cautious, lay low for a while. Victory comes only to careful and patient people.

In the foreseeable future, you risk losing the most precious and important in life. Most likely, in upcoming future you will experience very unpleasant event that will knock you out of your stride. But you should not be upset - you will find the strength to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

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  2. The dream book promises the emergence of new opportunities and even the fulfillment of desires. If the high tide is calm, it is a sign of energy flows and whirlpools. It will be necessary to show some emotions and restrain others. Too stormy tide means you can lose control of your own business. What is the meaning of low and high tides in a.
  3. To dream of low tide represents feelings about low level of risk, uncertainty, or danger. An uncertain situation that you may feel is not exceedingly dangerous yet. A problem that is not as serious as it could be. A low energy problem. Feeling that a problem may be safe enough to deal with. Low risk og embarrassment to confront a serious.
  4. Gulf Dream Explanation — A gulf represents one's partisans or his immediate entourage, or it could represent a gate if the seawater thus indicates in the dream. If the water level of such gulf rises at a time when the tides are low in the sea in a dream, it means a rebellion in the land. The same conclusion is made when the opposite is true.
  5. low tide is the symbol for mental relaxation and the effort of an intensive feeling. An excitement 'dies down'. The vision can also indicate the famous emptiness in the cash, a state which will never stop, however, long because after every low tide the flood comes again. It is as it were a country by view if we dream of the low tide. Spiritually.
  6. Symbol: Low tide and high tide are symbols of the rhythm of life, its ups and downs, birth and death. Vision: Being on the ocean and watching low tide: your fate will be as full of changes as the tides of the ocean. Seeing the ocean at low tide: life is stagnating, nothing is moving, nothing new is happening, but keep the faith; everything will change again for the better soon.
  7. When one dreams of the high tide, there is going to be a progression or a forward motion which can be found in one’s affairs on one hand, especially if you felt a level of contentment and happiness in relation to the particular phase of the tide. If you find that you have fear when the high tide is coming this is representative of your unwillingness to commit to a project and the fear of it.
  8. To dream that you can create a tidal wave with your mind is analogous to your ability to control your emotions and keep them in line. Tides. To see or hear the tides in your dream represents a need for emotional and spiritual cleansing. Low tides indicate that you energies are being drained, whereas high tides symbolize high energy.

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