Little Boy Sad - Various - The London American Story 1961 (Vinyl, LP)

In December , yet another friend, Mark Golding, died of an overdose, with Scotland Yard police stating there was no suggestion of foul play. On 7 October , George was arrested in Manhattan on suspicion of cocaine possession and falsely reporting a burglary.

George denied that the drugs were his. George's attorney informed the court that he had advised George not to appear at that hearing. As a result of the swarming media coverage, he was allowed to finish his community service inside the Sanitation Department grounds.

On 5 December , George was convicted in Snaresbrook Crown Court , London, of the April assault and false imprisonment of Audun Carlsen, a Norwegian model and male escort, who initially stood for a photography session with George, but on their next meeting George handcuffed him to a wall fixture and beat him with a metal chain.

George's defence presented the effects of his long-term drug use as a mitigating factor. He was given early release after four months for good behaviour on 11 May He was required to wear an ankle monitor and submit to a curfew for the remainder of his sentence. On 23 December , George had his request to appear on the final series of Celebrity Big Brother to be broadcast on Channel 4 , while he was still on licensed release from prison following an assault conviction earlier that year, turned down by the Probation Service.

Richard Clayton QC, representing the Probation Service, said George's participation would pose "a high level of risk" to the service's reputation.

Clayton argued that if he used the show to promote his status as a celebrity and earn "a lucrative sum of money" it could undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system. The book was released at the same time as George's solo album Cheapness and Beauty and dealt with the same themes, including a number of photographs. In , Century published Straight , his second autobiographical book, this time written with author Paul Gorman. It was in The Sunday Times best-seller list for six weeks.

This latter autobiography starts off where the former had stopped, though the two works are different in style, due to their different co-authors, and all of the chapters have a title in the book, while the autobiography only featured numbered sections. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English musician. Barnehurst , Kent , England. Pop New wave Soul Soft rock Disco. Main article: Culture Club. Main article: Boy George discography.

See also: Culture Club discography. The Ivors. Archived from the original on 14 January Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 7 June The Irish Independent.

Retrieved 10 January The Guardian. Wilde Life. Retrieved 18 July The Irish Times. Associated Press. Time Out. Retrieved 29 December The Blitz Kids. Archived from the original on 30 August Retrieved 25 August Archived from the original on 29 December Exclusive Magazine.

Smooth Radio. Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture. Rolling Stone. Retrieved 29 April Retrieved 8 March Retrieved 15 January Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 1 October Retrieved 27 March Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 19 May The New Zealand Herald. Rolling stone. Retrieved 30 July Edition, pp. On page , he says, "I enjoy the rituals of offering obeisances to Krishna and chanting, especially when there are hundreds of devotees jumping and banging drums.

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I like it even though its a fold down. I think he means that those two albums were released in stereo alone, so were never meant to be heard in mono.

That makes a lot more sense. And I was confused about the mono status of The Beatles. Unfortunately, that means of course that we won't be getting any AAA of those two, at least not right away. Oh, I do hope special attention is paid to quality control at Optimal. On the stereo set I had to combine two sets and return one to achieve one complete more or less flat set of pressings. I bring this up now because it appears that the Euro sets for Led Zep were pressed there with further reports of problems.

How can this continue? First the White Album and now this- your memory is fading, my friend. The Ortofon 2M is not available in mono there is a separate 2M Mono available , so it sounds like they made the mastering comparisons playing mono LP's cutter with a mono cutter head in the 60's with a stereo cartridge?

I imagine they picked up lots of unnecessary surface noise. It's MORE strange that they didn't listen back to the music with a mono needle. The 2M Black is great but how do we know that our mono needles will give us even better results if they didn't try it first? I don't have a mono cartridge and probably will never buy one.

So, would I be wasting my money buying the mono LP's? I think this would be very interesting to hear these in mono. Many of the Beatles albums have locals only out of the left or right, vs the more mainstream centered vocals and the instruments spread across the stage.

I think it will be cool to hear the mono version. From their track record you would think they entered the business yesterday. Lemme See, Beatles Cd's Well at least they got it right.

I guess I have to applaud them on this one, but oh wait their not out yet. Why is it that the consumer always pays the price, over and over again? All I know is I'm glad I don't whip out my credit card every time these guys release something. Did Mofi use these same master tapes or did they use the copies that Capitol had for the original american releases?

Sometimes, the stores don't know what gems are in their collections. Such finds are uncommon, but always exciting and fun. Much of the fun in collecting LPs lies in a successful hunt. Also, this is why it's always important to check the deadwax on any vintage records.

You might find a rare gem in a forgotten pile of old records, foolishly ignored by everyone else. Great finds are out there, free from the grip of Ebay greed. I was especially impressed at how the hidden track "The End" begins later than other versions. It's a good surprise that reminds me of '90s CDs.

I guess that is why they're making an effort with this release :. Reading how they took your constructive criticism over the stereo lps to heart and decided to go all out with a AAA mono lp release, all I have to say is Thank You Michael!

This is the best thing you have done for music lovers since you straightened out the needle on Brian Wilson's record player. My box set is ordered and now it's time for that dedicated mono cartridge,. Do these sets tend to hold value well over time? It may be sort of a cool thing for my son to inherit a few years down the road as well.

I just placed my pre-order without hesitation. Just as I did for the stereo box, even though I have most of the original UK stereo pressings. Because it's the phuking Beatles, people! Yes, I really enjoyed some of the stereo pressings from the stereo box. No, Rubber Soul wasn't one of them. It's been the holy grail for me in Beatles reacord collecting. I've bought several mono UK originals that were in horrible condition compared to what was claimed and returned them all.

So I finally gave up. Now this box will give me that, plus mono versions of Sgt. Pepper and The White Album. So you won't hear any whining from me. If you get a poorly pressed record, send it back.

I have found the customer service at the well known online retailers to be excellent in that regard. Come on September! One of your best postings, Mike, sort of like a mystery story, the detective enters the inner sanctum to search out the solution.

You seem to have been somewhat influential in their decision to go this route too. I'm still a bit confused about how they created the mono CDs though: my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong is that no EQ was used in the digital versions. Is that why they sound so flat and muddy to my ears, because the original EQ settings used on the first vinyl pressings were ignored?

It's a minority opinion, but I've always preferred The Beatles in stereo, especially their later work, after all, back in the day, Sgt. Pepper was known as a headphones album. Then there's the story that the Ramones sound was influenced by the wide stereo instrumental and vocal divides on the early Beatles albums, which I learned from the liner notes of the Rhino CD issue of the brothers' first album.

But, if these mono pressings fulfill their promise, I'm willing to change my opinion--mono cartridge or not. Beatles project, did you use the highresolution tracks that were used in for the last set of Beatles remasters, or did you make some subtle changes? The Beatles board had approved the remasters with the English sequence.

They said if we could enhance the files without really changing them, we had their permission to go on. This was where the WireWorld cable in my mastering console came in handy: It saved me by passing a pure signal through cleanly with no coloration, allowing me to make subtle changes, shaving a bit here and a bit there. But it was important. The bass was not particularly big on the early albums, so a bit of bass had to be added, a little bit of patina—making it the same but better.

How cool would it have been to have 13 mono DVDs of the this project at ? I think that something like this from artists is going to happen before I kick. Each track could have 1a: Orignal ; 1b: the EQd version for each song. In there is no reason for something like this not to happen with most DVD and BluRay players able to play them already. Pre-ordered this fabulous box set offering.

Thanks for the great piece on this project, it's significance, and your amazing journey! It seems the studios were slow to embrace digital due to risks with piracy, and just plain going out of their comfort zone, in much the same way that that they have been risk averse in reinvesting in doing these analog project properly.

With the success of the Zep reissues and the AAA Beatles, let's hope the studios see this another viable revenue stream and can use the ROI to justify doing these projects to the nines. Best, -Junker.

It all sounds great, but I may still take a wait and see approach this time. I pre-ordered the stereo set when it was first announced and was very disappointed in everything except the book and the copy of A Hard Days Night. My copy of Sgt. Pepper was unplayable. What do you know about the pressing pant used this time? MF's made the case that the mono mixes were the ones the producer and band carefully supervised.

Think I recall a PaulMc quote to that effect as well. Know what I do before I play them? I punch the Mono button on my preamp. Because to my ear a switched-fold-down to mono sounds way better on a good system than the discombobulated stereo mixes when played stereo.

Exceptions-- White Album I've never found a Uk pressing that didn't sound anorexic, so I've gone with the Mfsl, which I vary, either stereo or mono-button, for the occasion.

Abbey Road sounds better in stereo, as it is in the modern era. Let It Be I listen to an un-phil-spectored 'Naked' lp pressing. My point though, is that the earlier half-cooked stereo-fied stereo Beatles catalog sounds ridiculous, if you really listen.

Hoping this all-analog Mono set goes some way towards a cure for that problem. I'm saying I listen to my early stereo pressings that way. In folded-down, switched, mono. Bottom line being how non-intuitive the stereo mixes are, for the titles mentioned here. Might this indicate that this master tape was pulled for the Japanese red vinyl mono series? I can't make out the second line. This reissue is a major coup for those of us who want AAA mastering.

In the future reissues sourced from digital files may be considered second rate. Now that the Beatles have done it, perhaps the Stones will be compelled as they always have followed the Beatles to produce a premium AAA mono box! With some bonus material. That would be great! I would get it immediately. A note to anyone from the organisation who might be reading, use the Chess stereo mixes, the Decca monos were fold-downs. The original Chess stereo mixes, done by the Chess studios at their peak are some of the nicest sounding Stones tracks, period.

It would be a shame to fold them down to mono again for a reissue just for the sake of consistency. If there is anyone else who has heard the original stereo on vinyl, on the French reissues, you'll know what I mean. Is there any possibility that the lacquers used for the actual pressing stampers were cut from digital transfers?

This is such fantastic news and hats off to Apple for doing it right. I have a few Parlophone 1st pressings, the MoFi box and the Parlophone blue box and I have a feeling this is going to top them all except maybe my 1st pressing of Revolver.

Looking forward to your review. Actually it was Monday evening. Couldn't believe my eyes when the link opened up.

Grab my credit card "in seconds flat". Thanks Mike for more insight into the process that went into this set. It had to be hard for you to keep this under wraps for so long. Touring the studios is a dream of mine, it was fun reading your experience of stepping into Studio 2. Dear Mr.

Fremer, awesome read, thanks! It is well known that 1st UK pressings were deleted and replaced. If they did used the 2nd pressings as reference for these titles, did they compensate etc? Thanks, Yes, the original UK Mono lp's :- The "fault" 1st press Revolver is better sounding than the "corrected" 2nd pressing which is more distorted and muddy.

If you want to get it right, use the actual 1st pressing as reference despite the fault. So glad to hear that Mono Masters will be spread out over a 3LP set.

There's just too much information for a double album. The stereo Past Masters LP confirms this after sonic compromises bass cut for one were made. Chances are very slim they'll ever do it but, hey I'd buy it.

I certainly like the mono presentation in terms of the more cohesive presentation of the band, but it IS very compressed in mono. I'm wondering if the new release will be greatly improved in terms of dynamics, or was the compression in the original mono tapes and be delivered the same way? The compression on the mono version is what the producers and the band approved. It is the way they wanted it to sound. More compression doesn't mean it is going to sound bad especially the compression used back then.

It was much less destructive compared to what they can do now. Embrace the compression it's the way it was meant to sound. The stereo, to my ears, is just a much more musical presentation. They compressed the mono too much; and I have most all of their albums In mono, including that one. The stereo BFS is definitely much more pleasant. That was a "pre-order" price. It's possible it has gone up by now. I guess that's one reason to be on everyone's email list, you get notice of advance sale pricing.

I bought the 'new' Sergeant Pepper's but for the stereo-versions my pristine Dutch BC13 is the best option. I might go for a UK-version, but these prices are stellar. But now there's possibly the best available option and reasonably affordable for the mono-versions. Especially the albums from the 'middle period' have much to gain from the more cohesive sound without these strange stereo-choices! And with restored album-art. The reissue of the year for me What is all this fuss I hear about Mono?

My Mom Emily had this as a teenager and said that it is nothing to mess with. Thank You. For me it would have to be a hirez sale download or a vinyl release. You probably could make a good CD from that, but would not make much sense I wouldn't think. That would be "ADd". People are getting more concerned about the original files and the mastering done at what rate? It used to be we just played records and didn't worry about, or know about any of this. Not any more. The 3 letter coding we have now doesn't really tell us much.

Maybe they don't want us to know. Search form Search. Analog Corner. News News Analog Gear News. Log in or register to post comments. Best news I heard all year!!!!!!! I am freaking speechless Submitted by julio on Tue, Optimal Media Submitted by rakalm on Mon, Sorry, for the wrong information.

Books on Recording the Beatles Submitted by jrosemd on Fri, Second that Submitted by grahamridley on Tue, May 24, I Am the Blues. DaCapo Press. Refusal to Hear Charly Case". Billboard : 7. The New York Times. Retrieved June 12, Retrieved November 6, All Platinum Records. Jamar Chess. Origins Spirituals Work songs American folk music. Boogie-woogie Classic female blues Electric blues Fife and drum blues Hokum. Bluegrass Jazz Jug band Ragtime Rock and roll. Blues musicians Blues musicians by genre Blues standards Blues festivals.

Book Category Portal Blues songs. Chicago Landmark cultural venues. Field Museum of Natural History. Categories : Chess Records artists American record labels Blues record labels History of Chicago Jazz record labels Chicago Landmarks Record labels established in Record labels disestablished in Rhythm and blues record labels Rock and roll record labels Soul music record labels.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Wikimedia Commons. Leonard Chess Phil Chess. Rock, Rock, Rock. After School Session. Chuck Berry. The Best of Muddy Waters.

The Best of Little Walter. Dale Hawkins. The Moonglows. Bo Diddley. The Flamingos. Moanin' in the Moonlight. Chuck Berry Is on Top. Sonny Boy Williamson. John Lee Hooker. Benny Goodman.

Gene Ammons. Bob Kames at the Organ. Muddy Waters Sings "Big Bill". Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt. Moms Mabley. Rockin' at the Hops. idea pity, that now can not express.. Primary Menu. Search for.

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  1. London American Recordings is regarded a sub label of London Records. All entries on London American Recordings should be marked as two labels, firstly London Records, secondly London American Recordings. London American Jazz Recordings should additionally be marked as Jazz Series (3).
  2. Apr 09,  · Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Johnny Burnette at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover London Records, London American Recordings: HLG UK: Sell This Version: 4 versions: HLG Johnny Burnette Little Boy Sad.
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  4. Chess Records was an American record company, founded in in Chicago and specializing in blues and rhythm and time it expanded into soul music, gospel music, early rock and roll, and occasional jazz and comedy recordings, released on the Chess label and on its subsidiary labels Checker, Argo/Cadet and Cadet entire Chess catalogue is Founder: Leonard Chess, Phil Chess.
  5. British rock/pop group, formed in Liverpool, England during the late s. Signed to recording contract with EMI in The lineup () comprised John Lennon (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards), Paul McCartney (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion), George Harrison (guitar, vocals, sitar), and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals, percussion).
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