Most Dangerous Universe

Search for: Search. Facebook Twitter Reddit WhatsApp. Like this: Like Loading Interesting post Like Liked by 1 person. Love kurzgesagt, you might like my blog, I love science as well Like Like. Earth was once a pure and pristine, perfect planet. In the aftermath of this, the world was conquered by animals while humans regressed to a caveman-like state, allowing themselves to be controlled by the beasts they once held dominion over.

They spend all this time looking but never really intervening. If our Earth is part of the DC multiverse, a realm where godlike beings exist by the dozens on every other planet, it seems as if this would put us at the most risk.

Ultra has already been beset by the reality-altering Gentry, so this leaves us utterly defenseless if anyone from other realms were to decide to attack us. Think the main Earth is dangerous? Earth-3 was initially thought up as a world where all of the heroes were actually villains.

Nimitz, the U. Instead of the gas turbines or diesel-electric systems which are used for propulsion on most modern warships, the carriers use two nuclear reactors which drive the four propeller shafts and can achieve a maximum speed of over 30 knots. Because they use nuclear power, these massive ships can operate for over 20 years without refueling! The ability to project power anywhere on the planet with the ability to defend itself means a high place on our list.

This genetic engineering breakthrough allows viral agents to evade known treatments and vaccines, making them all the more deadly. This makes the Russian device officially the most powerful conventional non-nuclear weapon in the world. It yields an equivalent of 44 tons of TNT while just using only seven tons of a new high explosive. Its blast and pressure wave has a similar effect to a small nuclear weapon, just on a smaller scale. The bomb detonates in mid-air causing a supersonic shockwave and extreme temperatures.

Thermobaric weapons generate longer, more sustained blast waves with higher temperatures as compared to conventional explosives. Because of this, they produce more damage over larger areas than conventional weapons of similar mass. They also differ in that they use oxygen from the atmosphere itself rather than relying on an oxidizing agent in their explosives. They produce more energy than normal happens and as a result are more difficult to control.

It can travel at least 3, miles and was built primarily for transporting nuclear weapons. ICBMs have the capability of being launched from airplanes, submarines, missile silos, and vehicles. Worldwide, around , people were murdered in As we can see, in this article there are only 10 of the most dangerous things in the world. But millions of people die year after year due to many different causes, and the mortality rates increase very often; so this article also has the purpose to prevent about any dangerous situation, so that, we could keep a healthy life and a little bit longer.

November 10, November 11, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Most dangerous job: Reporter To work as a reporter can be dangerous depending of the town and the work area. Most dangerous city: Caracas, Venezuela Some cities can also be part of the most dangerous things in the world. Most dangerous mode of transport: Motorcycles Any mode of transport can be very dangerous.

Most dangerous insect: Mosquito Insects are also among the 10 most dangerous things in the world. Most dangerous social media: Could a Selfie be one of the most dangerous things?

Tsar Bomba remains the most powerful device ever detonated by mankind. To compare, the most powerful device the United States ever created was the B It was also the only three-stage nuclear device the U.S. created. The B41 had a maximum yield of 25 megatons TNT, while the Tsar Bomba had a maximum yield of megatons of TNT.

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  1. Apr 15,  · In the heart of a neutron star, there exists the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe known as Strange matter. This peculiar thing is so extreme that it breaks the law of universe and has a propensity to infect and destroy everything in its proximity. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell M subscribers.
  2. Aug 21,  · The Universe. S 1 E The Most Dangerous Place in the Universe. Aug 21, | 44m 37s | tv-pg. Take a tour of the cosmic hot zones–black holes, galaxy mergers, gamma ray .
  3. Mar 17,  · The strongest substance in the universe forms from the leftovers of a dead star. According to simulations, protons and neutrons in a star's shriveled husk can be .
  4. Jan 15,  · At the core of Cliff's argument are what he calls the two most dangerous numbers in the universe. These numbers are responsible for all the matter, structure, and .
  5. May 15,  · Are you afraid of alien invasions or giant meteors rushing toward Earth? Oh, forget about them! There’s something much more dangerous lurking in space, and i Author: BRIGHT SIDE.
  6. Oct 29,  · In the spirit of Halloween, here are the top 10 scariest sights the Universe has to offer. The Bird, also known as the Tinker Bell triplet, is made of three colliding galaxies located
  7. Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns In The World Being safer nowadays is getting harder and this leads to keep some safeguarding agents or weapons with us for almost all are one of the foremost weapons that could save one from the enemies. That’s why almost all nations’ military invest more on the guns that are very much useful in safeguarding them against enemies.
  8. Jun 08,  · Also known as Jenssen, this planet is 40 light years away and is most famously known for being 1/3 diamond.
  9. The same goes for their senses of hearing. And, their fast speeds, too. Without doubt the most dangerous aspect of the Skinwalker is its ability to supernaturally infect people with deadly diseases and life-threatening illnesses. Strangely, on more than a few occasions, those who have found themselves in the direct, close presence of a Skinwalker have –in mere days – succumbed to very rare medical .

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