New Era Jazzband - Vintage Jazz (Vinyl)

In many cases, one can determine the pressing by the images or specific phrases on the labels of the records. Take the record out of its jacket and match up the label to the info listed below. We do not have the space to list everything it would make a large book! Be aware that there is a wide range of value within these labels-we are just trying to provide some general guidelines.

Please feel free to call us at and ask to speak to a Jazz vinyl buyer between am and pm daily. Please note that the prices listed below are subject to change due to supply and demand and other factors. Also keep in mind that scratches, scuffs, mold, and other damage will substantially reduce the value. Take the record out of the jacket and note the address written on the label as it appears on BOTH sides of the record itself near the top of the label. Original pressings of A and B below have 4 digit catalog numbers; C have 4 mono or 5 stereo ; D and E have 5 digit numbers.

OJC records: Any record that has "OJC" on the spine or elsewhere on the jacket as a prefix for the catalog number is a later re-issue; they are not original pressings. This label the letters stand for "Original Jazz Classic" produced many re-issues in the 70's and 80's of older recordings of Prestige, Fantasy, Riverside, Bluesville, and other labels. If the label is Yellow, we also need to know whether a N. Original Pressings of Prestige records with the catalog numbers from to have N.

Even though I started collecting records in high school, I was oblivious to the depth and richness of jazz record collecting culture. That changed when I saw the Blue Note album cover art book for the first time. The covers were so beautiful and timeless they alone made me want to seek out the records. My discovery of the book coincided with an upcoming trip to New Orleans. I was already in the habit of checking out record stores when I went out of town, so I figured I would see what I could find when I got there.

Knowing next to nothing about the actual music on the albums, I thumbed through the book and quickly made a list of my favorite covers, hoping I might find a few of them on my trip. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. View: Gallery view.

List view. See similar items. Only 1 left. Turk Murphy. Jazz band. When my sugar walks down the street. Results pagination - page 1 1 2. Sponsored listings.

Got one to sell? We are not a shop! But we welcome visitors by arrangement and can be here at unsocial hours. For latest jazz news and opinions, see our regularly updated. To receive lists of the latest new arrivals some of which never reach the website direct to your inbox, sign up to our regular. LaFaro constantly challenges Evans, throwing curveballs for him to answer through brilliant use of color and harmony at the piano. Distant chatter and glass rattling transports the listener to the intimate setting of this small jazz club, amplifying the heartfelt sensation of the music.

The recording of this performance between two of the greatest architects of jazz sat in a vault for decades until it was discovered and released in The beautiful performances in this record touch on a myriad of sentiments as the quartet shifts between sweet, romantic, melancholic, eerie and cheerful playing. The result of this clash of titans is a performance where all forces seem to push and pull in different directions. Once a dominant voice rises from the collective argument, the rest of the band follows, allowing then for a new instrument to show the next direction the performance will go in.

It is no surprise then, that the music found on Forest Flower is always morphing, effortlessly transitioning between mysterious, cerebral, beautiful, sensual, passionate and intense. The band brings elements of Free jazz, Latin and Middle Eastern music together to create a unique form of post bop that would be of enormous influence in the subsequent years.

Few can beat Sonny Rollins when it comes to improvisation. The tenorist may not be the most daring musician, or the most forward-thinking bandleader, but the way he builds and releases tension during his solos has earned him a place in the jazz pantheon.

Browse and buy from over 10, Jazz CDs, Jazz LPs, and a growing selection of Jazz DVDs as well as , CDs, LPs and DVDs at our New Jersey store. We are always looking to add to our collection. We are especially interested in BeBop and Modern Jazz Records for sale, as well as many genres/eras of Jazz .

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  1. Collectible vinyl jazz records run the gamut from some of the earliest blues, ragtime, and Dixieland 78 RPM recordings to bebop, hard bop, and free jazz the way, the genre includes big band swing, West Coast cool, and international flavors.
  2. Jan 04,  · Jazz orchestras had been replaced by small combos at the forefront of the genre, but at the Newport Jazz Festival the Duke showed he still had it in him, revamping his career in the process. Ellington’s band gives a lesson on jazz history, nodding to New Orleans jazz, Kansas City swing and even some bebop virtuosity.
  3. Absolutely a must have for jazz fans. I bought my copy during Prime Day and the quality is outstanding. A note to those new to vinyl recordings, there is audible tape hiss on this recording. It's also very evident on my CD copy too so please don't think your copy of this LP is defective because it's not.
  4. Click to View: Label: Cat# Date: Format: Comments: Rating: Value: New Era Jazz Band Vintage Jazz A1: Just Gone A2: Papa Dip B1: Buddys Habit: UK: EP: 0.
  5. Jazz Music Vinyl Records. With so many varieties and styles, jazz music is a genre accessible to both the young and the old. Whether your go-to jazz artist is Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, or someone else, you can probably find your favorite album recorded on vinyl.
  6. Exploring Jazz. 1 – 50 of 1,, Prev; On The Road James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band. 0. Peaceful Garden - Birds Of Spring Various. 0. Die Tanzplatte Des Jahres '78 Max Greger. 0. Jazz At Ann Arbor Chet Baker Quartet. 0. Vintage Style Hot Jazz, Swing And Pop The Speakeasy Quartet. 0. Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo - Motion Picture.
  7. A Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl: Jazz Records You Should Own. Jeffrey Smith posted February 8, We’ve all been new to the world of vinyl at some point. Some of us jumped into record collecting because we long for a more profound experience than streaming and earbuds. Some because we believe vinyl is indeed the superior format.
  8. This hidden gem of a record was originally released in as Soulnik and credited to “The Doug Watkins Quintet featuring Yusef Lateef” while this reissue - under a new title - finds the two musicians sharing the leadership mantle now, with Lateef getting the top billing. The decision is not surprising considering Watkins died tragically in a car accident in , with only two releases.

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