Slaughtergrave / Bestial Vomit (2) / Chaos Anarchy / Vampiric Cold Blood - Destroy! (CDr, Album)

According to Rykel, she was pregnant with Gold's child, and sought to extort money from him for her silence. Cyrus met with her for a secret negotiation at Slaughter Swamp, several miles outside of Gotham.

When Gold refused to yield to blackmail, Rachel's pimp, Jem, bashed Cyrus across the back of the head with a shovel. A swamp is a wetland that is forested. Many swamps occur along large rivers, where they are critically dependent upon natural water level fluctuations. Other swamps occur on the shores of large lakes. My dwarves must have hardier or emptier stomachs. I just don't see these trails of green. They puke once, maybe twice, and that's it.

So i have 2 of the 8 temples setup for each dwarves religious need outside as most of the outdoor dwarves are belonging to them. And well, all i can say is that's not naturally green floor you can see in those small temples, the problem is that there are still a few of the indoor dwarves coming in there.

Dwarves won't clean outside and babies are born with cave adaptation. Even if you are really good about making your dwarves spend time outside- hell, even if you have a purely above ground fort there will still be vomit all over everything outside.

Draugar are depicted as having either pitch black or pale white skin. They are immune to all sorts of conventional weapons. A Draugr must be wrestled into its mound by force, but even then may arise again. The only way to ensure a draugr doesn't come back to a living form is to sever the head from the neck, burn the body and dump the ashes into the sea. It is said that Cain was able to pass on his cursed state to others, thereby, making them like himself only somewhat weaker.

These first childer, known as the second generation, were said to have been made to keep him company, and they in turn made the third generation. The third were supposedly numbered thirteen and are the semi-legendary founders of the thirteen original clans.

According to in-game legend, all of these vampires lived in peace under Cain's rule in the legendary city known as Enoch , or the First City. When God caused the Great Flood , however, the city was destroyed and Cain disappeared, leaving his Childer to fend for themselves. The third generation eventually rose up and slew their sires. Cain, upon discovering this, cursed them.

Cain's curse is supposedly the reason each clan now has its own weakness. Those who study the mythical vampire origins are called Noddists. According to Noddist mythology there are claims that Cain will return at the end of time to judge his descendants: the Antediluvians and all vampires descended from them. This event is known as Gehenna, the end of all vampiric races. Others claim that Gehenna is simply the wakening of the Antediluvians who have returned to feed on the blood of their descendants.

Differing interpretations of the myths divide vampire society. The Sabbat, for example, take the myths quite literally and believe that it is their purpose to defend vampires from the depredations of the ancients.

The Camarilla is more dismissive, either claiming that Cain is nothing more than a myth or metaphor or outright suppressing the myths and their study. Contentions between the different societies surrounding the origins of vampires and Gehenna are important in-game motivations for the Jyhad that color the character's understanding of their world. Regardless as to whether or not the myths are true in the context of the game the myth of Cain represents important themes presented in the metaplot such as sins of the father coming back upon his children, the threat of apocalypse, questions of faith, conspiracies, and war of ages.

Golconda is a fabled state of enlightenment that offers vampires a release from their struggle with the Beast. Different editions have gone into different level of detail as to what Golconda is but all agree that it is an elusive and mysterious state and there is very little information in-game or out as to how to achieve it.

In Vampire: The Masquerade , the Masquerade refers to an organized conspiracy primarily orchestrated by the Camarilla to convince the general public that vampires do not exist. The Camarilla believes the Masquerade is the cornerstone survival strategy for Kindred and fear that without it the kine would rise up and exterminate all the undead. Prohibitions against exposing the existence of Kindred existed prior to the 15th century in a set of ancient laws known as the Traditions.

The First Tradition reads:. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood. This stricture was not consistently nor as strictly enforced until the Inquisition of the 15th century required it. During this period vampires were destroyed in large numbers by vampire hunters which largely prompted the formation of a sect known as the Camarilla whose primary purpose was to promote and enforce the Masquerade as a means of survival.

The Masquerade is largely enforced through self-policing, but it is primarily the job of the Prince in Camarilla controlled cities to enforce it. Princes may use any means at their disposal to ensure vampire society stays hidden and that those who break the Masquerade are duly punished. Punishments for breaches have a range but are usually draconian in nature due to the seriousness of the Masquerade. Final Death, often by means of a ritualized "Blood Hunt" by other vampires, is not uncommon.

When breaches do occur, the Camarilla takes great pains to repair them. This could include anything from erasing a mortal's memories using supernatural powers to manipulating mortal pawns in order to keep events out of the media. The Masquerade is one of the main in-game points of contention between the two major factions of vampires in the World of Darkness.

While many vampires see the pragmatism in the Masquerade some do not agree with it. For example, the Sabbat do not uphold the Tradition that justifies the enforcement of the Masquerade but behind closed doors even they take some steps to contain breaches. In-game around the early s, the intelligence agencies of the world discovered the SchreckNET's existence, they in response formed what is known as the Second inquisition. Utilizing the knowledge of the Society of St.

Leopold, which had been canonized under the Vatican, they've killed hundreds of thousands of vampires the world over. While on his deathbed, the lands of Sylvania were seething with civil strife. As his family awaited his final breath, Otto swore to all the gods that he would rather marry his only daughter Isabella to a daemon rather than to let his hated brother Leopold inherit the throne.

The dying Count refused all those that requested her hand in marriage, for in his heart, he despised them all. And so it was that Isabella von Drak knelt at her fathers' death bed, still without a husband and child to carry on the family estate. As if a dark power had answered the Mad Counts plea, outside the castle, thunder rumbled and lightning split the darkness. Victor Guttman , the aged priest of Sigmar who had been called to shrive the old Count, fainted instantly.

Then, from out of the storm came the sound of wheels and pounding hooves. A dark coach pulled by four mighty black steeds stopped outside the keep. In the ensuing silence, someone knocked on the door. A trembling servant introduced an unknown noble to the Count. The stranger introduced himself to the dying Count and his daughter with respect, completely ignoring Leopold and only answering Leopold's questions regarding his origins by stating his name as Vlad von Carstein, the eldest of the von Carstein family, one he didn't expect Leopold to know.

Leopold protested, but the stranger silenced him, stating he had come only to offer his services to the current Count von Drak, being in the vicinity whilst travelling to a wedding. Completely oblivious to his true intentions, Otto's face lit up and he proposes the stranger to become the husband of his daughter, thus effectively removing Leopold's claim to the title of Count.

Vlad then turned to Isabella, claiming that at some point of the ceremony it was usual for the bride to accept. Isabella, wanting the power she sensed in Vlad, accepted but asks him in a whisper for a token of his love. Vlad then faced Leopold and tore his heart out of his chest with his bare hands before tossing him out of a window. He then presented Isabella the heart of her now-dead uncle upon which she coldly stated that she has no use for it, seeing as it no longer beats. The priest Guttman was revived from his swoon and brought to the chambers of Otto, where the marriage ceremony was performed before the dying count's bed.

Almost as soon as the last of the ritual words were spoken, Otto von Drak passed away, leaving his daughter and his entire estate in the charge of Vlad von Carstein. Thus the wedding ceremony had ended, and the two lovers were together ever since. Vlad von Carstein had married Isabella for power and used his charm to control her at times. To their mutual surprise, what had started as a marriage of convenience swiftly blossomed into true love, and the pair had become confidants in one another and were all but inseparable.

Isabella begged Vlad to give her the Blood Kiss so they could be together for eternity, but Vlad was aware to the downsides of vampirism and loved her too much to subject her to that. Scant days later, word reached Drakenhof that Isabella had fallen sick with an incurable illness. One of the physicians who tended her claimed her heart had stopped. The new Count insisted this was not so.

He dismissed the learned doctors, claiming he would care for her with his own hands. Three days later she appeared in front of her folk, saying she was fully recovered. She was ever afterwards pale and wan, however, and never left her chambers save by moonlight. Several months following Vlad's coronation, dark events had begun taking place across the lands.

Young men and women from neighbouring villages began disappearing overnight. Sightings of the dead stirring beneath their graves began to pop up within every cemetery across Sylvania. For whatever reason, these walking dead only attacked those that were defying the Count's authority. Those dissidents that had escaped them were found dead by strange accidents. All over Sylvania, these dark events occurred regularly, with only those who swore their allegiance to Vlad von Carstien seemingly immune to the horrific purge.

Within ten years, Vlad was more firmly in control of unruly Sylvania than any other ruler beforehand.

Some remarked that so great was Vlad's achievement that he should in fact sit upon the Imperial Throne. To his naive subjects, the von Carsteins were, after all, an ancient family that could trace their lineage back to the founding of the Empire.

Generations later, Vlad and Isabella still presided over the lands of Sylvania, unchanged. At first, few paid attention to their longevity. The lives of the peasants had always been squalid and short, and so they paid little heed, although it was the longer-living nobility that begun to notice this strange vitality.

The revelation came about when the oldest woman in Drakenhof remarked how her great grandmother was still a girl when Vlad von Carstein came into power. In time word began to spread, leading to even the most dull-witted peasant realising something was odd. Witch Hunters by the dozen began to flock to the lands of Sylvania, hunting down evil like hounds upon a hare.

Yet, of those that tried to investigate the von Carstein family, none had ever returned. In his former life, Vlad was not a cruel man at heart, but the curse and selfish pride that is usually brought about by Vampirism had corrupted him body, mind, and soul.

As with all vampires, the new Count of Sylvania was ambitious beyond mortal comprehension and so he sought to instill his rule over not just Sylvania but the whole of the Empire of Man.

At first, none of the feuding nobles of Sylvania paid any heed to the commands of this new Count. If this bothered Vlad, he gave no sign of it.

The Vampire Count cherished his subjects the same way a peasant family would cherish a beast that they are fattening up for the Midsummer feast. After decades of harsh rule by the incompetent Count Otto, this new authority was welcomed by all save perhaps the most paranoid, or perhaps the most wise. The first signs that someone big is coming came about when the disease that first took Isabella now took the rest of the Sylvanian nobility.

Soon, every major castle within Sylvania was home to a family of long-living nocturnal vampires, pallid of aspect and arrogant in their rule.

In time, the number of people who went missing grew exponentially. A mysterious sickness, not unlike the one that had killed Otto van Drak, had filled the graveyards of Sylvania, pushing the people to their limits and forcing the majority of the peasantry to turn their backs on the gods who would not help them and into the arms of the Cult of the Wiederauferstanden , known by many as " The Cult of the Arisen Dead ".

The holy temples of the Old World Pantheons were desecrated and closed, with the Priest of Morr being driven out. Without the Morr Priest to perform the proper burial rites to bring the long-deceased into their tombs and towards the afterlife, the bodies of the dead were simply piling up at the sides of the road and their tormented spirits forced to live without rest. But probably the greatest and final sign of this impending darkness came when the Ostermark capital of Mordheim was destroyed by a massive Warpstone meteorite in the year IC.

The city of Mordheim was once the capital of the Imperial province of Ostermark where the faithful and pious gathered to witness the second coming of Sigmar Heldemhammer.

But after some time, the city grew into a cesspit of decadence, greed, and widespread corruption. When the city was obliterated in IC by a massive meteorite, shards of Warpstone were found all over the ruins of the city. Unaware of its chaotic origins, claimants of the Imperial Throne sent mercenary companies into the city to gather as much Warpstone as they possibly could, hoping to manipulate its false properties of healing or turning lead into gold for their own personal uses.

Vlad followed up on this as well, sending in his dark minions to gather as many of these shards as possible. Finally, on Geheimnisnacht Eve of the Imperial year of IC, Vlad von Carstein thought the time ripe for the next step in his master plan. It was then, at the beginning of the winter, that the count called forth all the nobles of the province to pledge loyalty to him during a festivity called the Totentanz , or the " Dance of the Dead ".

The dance was to be held at Drakenhof Castle on the eve of Geheimnisnacht. The Totentanz was actually a ploy, invented by Vlad to assemble the remaining living aristocracy in one place. At the height of the ball, he gave an order to his minions to close of the entrance and kill every living thing inside.

Only two people left the throne room alive: Alten Ganz , loyal human servant of Vlad who had suspected the true nature of his master plan, and Stefan Fischer , a witch hunter who had been chasing one of von Carstein's vampires for the murder of his wife alongside another Witch Hunter named Jon Skellan , his brother in law. During this event Skellan was killed and turned into a vampire, but Fischer managed to hide under a pile of dead corpses to avoid being caught.

With his deed enacted, the Count of Sylvania stood upon the battlements of Castle Drakenhof and performed a terrible incantation from one of the Nine Books of Nagash.

Fueled by the magic-saturated Warpstones recovered from Mordheim, the necromancy spell flowed over the unguarded cemeteries of the Gardens of Morr and in an instant, all throughout the province, the dead began to stir. Slowly, every single cadaver in Sylvania began to move towards Drakenhof to answer the call of the Vampire Count. As the dead nobles started to emerge from the throne room, Stefan Fisher acted like a zombie and escaped Drakenhof with only one single taught in mind: " they are coming ".

Fischer finally escaped the deadly trap Sylvania had become only to fall into the claws of a small band of Vampires travelling through the Empire. Accepting his fate, even feeling joy for being soon reunited with his wife, Fischer was contempt to finally meet his end when suddenly he was saved by a small detachment of Countess Otilla's army sent to investigate reports of Undead activity along the Sylvanian border. Fischer thus relayed the truth regarding the Vampire Count's true nature.

Feeling all sense had fled his life, he stayed with Otilla's army as they try to fend off the Undead army at the Battle of Essen Ford , which would be the first conflict of the Vampire Wars. The Battle at Essen Ford was considered a total Imperial massacre. Knee deep in the mud and overwhelmed by impossible odds, the human army was easily swept away.

At the end of the battle Fisher came across his brother-in-law, Jon Skellan. When the prisoners were lined up before the Vampire Count, Vlad showed them the extent of his power.

(Grindcore/N oisecore/Noi segrind/Crus t/Punk) Slaughtergra ve / Bestial Vomit / Chaos Anarchy / Vampiric Cold Blood - - Destroy! - 4-Way Split CD-R, MP3, kbps Страницы: 1 Рок-музыка» Зарубежный Metal» Архив (Зарубежный Metal).

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  1. Slaughtergrave / Bestial Vomit (2) / Chaos Anarchy / Vampiric Cold Blood: Slaughtergrave / Bestial Vomit (2) / Chaos Anarchy / Vampiric Cold Blood - Destroy! ‎ (CDr, Album) Not On Label: none: Greece: Sell This Version.
  2. - Slaughter Grave & Infest "Weapons of mass destruction" Cdr (grindcore) - Slaughter Grave & Bestial Vomit & Vampiric Cold Blood & Chaos Anarchy "Destroy!" - 4-way Split Cdr - Sobota / EU - (Bra/Bra) - Colaboração - Split CDR (First class Harshnoise) - Spoonful of Vicodin "S/t" CDr - Stock Feeder - 3" CDr.
  3. Apr 28,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Blasphemophagher - The Return of Bestial Vomit YouTube OBITUARY - Ten Thousand Ways To Die (Official Music Video) - Duration: .
  4. Alternative (6) anarcho (69) Beatdown Hardcore (1) betonpunk (1) cosmic (1) Crust () Crustcore (3) D Beat (42) D.I.Y. () DBeat (45) death (4) Death Metal (6) Deathcore (4) Dis punk (2) Doom (2) dub (3) experimental (8) fastcore (15) folk (4) Folk Rock (2) goregrind (3) grind (28) grindcore (94) grindviolence (6) Hardcore (82) Hardcore Rap.
  5. The bands who split this disc is Slaughtergrave, Bestial Vomit, Chaos Anarcy and Vampiric Cold Blood. This is yet another release in the name of DIY so it's .
  6. Anarchs are vampires who reject the status quo of Cainite society. The resulting organization of anarchs is called the Anarch Movement, whose traditional strongholds are Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. The Anarchs especially resent the privileged status held by elders within the Camarilla and other vampire sects; when the eldest hold the most power in a society of immortals, the lot.
  7. The vomiting itself is not shown but we see a white-colored patch on Tanaka's pants. It also happens at the end of episode 3 (in the gym) but we only hear the other characters' reactions. Nothing is actually shown. OVA 2 has Hinata vomiting after he and Kageyama arrived at the training camp in Tokyo, presumably due to Saeko's driving.
  8. saors v/a "small doses" band international grind/noisecore cd 44 minutes with 40 page booklet and die-cut sleeve release with 2 minuta dreka,7 minutes of nausea,albach,agathocles, akbk,amnogomusikimalo,ataque cardiaco barbarian scum,batillus,beartrap,black market fetus,blast femur,bloody rectum,bonesaw braid of black smoke,cacasonica,captain three leg,cauliflower ass & bob,cdr.
  9. A bog is a wetland that accumulates peat, a deposit of dead plant material—often mosses, and in a majority of cases, Sphagnum moss. It is one of the four main types of wetlands. Other names for bogs include mire, quagmire and muskeg. Frequently they are .

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