Summerroses And Winterdreams - Various - Astan 13 (CD)

Some parts contradict with facts that we do have. If you want to theorize with some information that is pure speculation, you can't go into specific details. Otherwise it is less theory and more Fan Fiction.

The shortest version you should have gone for would be something like this: A witch made a deal with a demon.

The witch would give souls for life. The people who lost their souls became Grimm. Summer got a mission to kill her, but the ordeal took her life. Even then, it's a stretch. Demons and Witches have no cannon reference. We have mages, but there are only four: maidens. Possibly 5 with the man who gave maidens power. We then have to question how Summer even learned of the mission or why she specifically was given it. Not to mention why just one member or squad was ordered to kill the origin of Grimm.

Not to mention as far as we know from World of Remnant, mankind knows nothing of Grimm origins. Actually, we do have demons; It is one of the many names used to refer to the creatures of grimm. Mage can refer to anyone who fights primarily by dust or has a semblance that imitates the traditional functions of magic such as the Schnee summoning and also Velvet was referred to as "a mage type fighter" by Monty.

Well I was referring to demon as an entity separate from Grimm. And by mage I refer to magic users. Anyhow, as for the topic, can't see Summer being alive. I don't know about this one guys, but in my opinion I think Summer's dead. There's just so much going on in Ruby's and Yang's family what, with Raven and everything that Summer Rose actually being alive would cause a whole lot more of unsolved questions.

Besides, Summer Rose being dead actually provides a lot of character development. Right now the only supporting evidence that she could be alive is the 'no body' cliche. Other than that there is nothing to support that she is still alive. So for the time being we have to go with what we have and assume she is indeed dead until something comes along to give us reason to think otherwise. Summer's dead. We're already doing the disappeared-yet-still-living-parent song-and-dance with Raven.

Another would be excessive. And there's a graveeeeeeeee unless her body isn't buried in the grave, but that doesn't seem likely, since Ruby was literally talking to the grave. Considering Yang said she went on a mission and never came back, it is likely they didn't have a body to bury and it is just an altar. I'm all for Summer being dead as long as there is reason for it other then some grimm killing her. Like she found something someone didn't want found. Or, it was just an expression she used.

Because it's what happened, went to a mission and didn't make it back alive. Like saying "kicked the bucket" albeit less casual.

I think it would be cool if she had been killed by Grimm actually. Not only it would portray Grimm as actual threats that can kill even a full-fledged huntress but it would also make the death of a character something that can happen any day, rather than a super special and isolated case that only happens when they casually encounter a historically evil arch-demon.

It isn't quite the same as we know Yang's mother is alive and kicking whereas everyone thinks Summer is dead. Besides, we have zero indication that Weiss or Blake have a living mother either. With Blake we don't know if she has any living parents. So, does everyone but Yang have a dead mom? That would be excessive as well. If they say "She never came back" they are saying her body was never found.

If she was alive, i would think she's being held hostage, is in a coma, or is spying on someone. If she's dead, maybe either Cinder or Raven killed her, or maybe a type of Grimm that is not sown to us yet. Wat makes u say she was in a hot area? Grimm eat people apparently. If it's a big one, she could have been entirely eaten and, thus, leave no corpse.

I implied that her body was eaten, but fine. The most likely option is that her corpse was eaten before people knew she was. The second most likely option is that the area where she died was deemed too dangerous to risk an extraction before her corpse was eaten. Well, they have been said to not actually need to eat So they don't kill humanity to eat them like a normal animal, they eat humanity to kill them.

I would assume that they would eat the body until they were certain that the person was dead, then they would move on and leave the corpse behind. That could be anywhere from having a bunch of bite marks on the body to basically being torn apart; it depends on the creature, how smart they actually are and what kind of attacks they do.

Summer is as dead as if she were stabbed by a lightsaber, then fell to her death in an oversized Death Star. For her to come back would be the equivalent of something LIKE her but not exactly her. Blake is probably an Orphan which is why she joined the White Fang. This would make a whole lot of sense. Her having parents would have a huge backstory. Weiss for all we know was born in a lab. Image Gallery Quotes. She and her team eventually graduated to become Huntsmen and Huntresses.

At some point later in life, Summer entered a relationship with Taiyang after Raven had left him, the two having a daughter, Ruby Rose , and Summer took to raising Raven's daughter, Yang Xiao Long , as well. According to Yang herself, Summer loved Yang as much as her own daughter Ruby. Summer's family lived in Patch as she left regularly to carry out missions. According to Yang, Summer was like a "supermom", "baker of cookies" at home and "slayer of giant monsters" due to her Huntress career.

It is revealed by Qrow that Summer acknowledged and utilized her abilities through her Silver Eyes. Erykah BADU. Rapture gram vinyl LP. Soul Finger gram audiophile vinyl LP. Gandharva gram audiophile vinyl LP. Jeff BECK. Blow By Blow gram vinyl LP. My filters. Type: Vinyl. Type See all. Music See all. Format See all. Release Date See all. Genre See all. Artist See all.

Rita's Grandmother Grant Code Rita's Grandfather Gaetano Lisi Student in Theatre Lee Jackson Edit Storyline Rita, a middle aged New York City homemaker, finds herself in an emotional crisis which forces her to re-examine her life, as well as her relationships with her mother, her eye doctor husband, her alienated daughter and estranged son. Genres: Drama. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Features Sylvia Sidney 's only Oscar nominated performance. Goofs When the gurney is wheeled out of the ER, the sheet over the body is relatively flat.

When Rita is next to the gurney, the sheet is elevated due to the body's arms being across the body. Quotes Mrs. Pritchard - Rita's Mother : I thought I was having a heart attack. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Music From A Winter Rose Track Listing 1. Blossom Kimberly Whalen Get this album or track at:. Get this album or track at:. Rate this Album. Tolerance of poor soil 5. Few thorns 9.

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  1. Aug 04,  · All songs written by Richard Chycki and James LaBrie, except "I'll Never Fall In Love Again", "Dianna" and "Saved by Love" by Richard Chycki. Additional personnel on the album included Bruce Dies (guitar solos on "Rough Boys" and midsection solos 1 & 3 of "I'll Never Fall In Love Again") and Rob Laidlaw (bass on "Asylum City" and "My Time").4/5(14).
  2. Summer of Roses: A Novel - Kindle edition by Rice, Luanne. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Summer of Roses: A Novel/5(97).
  3. Aug 30,  · Directed by Gilbert Cates. With Joanne Woodward, Martin Balsam, Sylvia Sidney, Tresa Hughes. Rita, a middle aged New York City homemaker, finds herself in an emotional crisis which forces her to re-examine her life, as well as her relationships with her mother, her eye doctor husband, her alienated daughter and estranged son/10().
  4. Jan 29,  · I listened to some songs played by Franz Lambert, and I particurarly liked this one. It is very relaxing and there are some nice sounds that he used, that I could find on my Tyros-organ. So I.
  5. The Last Rose of Summer Lyrics: 'Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone / All her lovely companions are faded and gone / No flower of her kindred, no rosebud is nigh / To reflect back her.
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  7. In Summer's younger days, she enrolled in Beacon Academy and became a member and the leader of Team STRQ, along with Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen and Qrow Branwen. She and her team eventually graduated to become Huntsmen and Huntresses. At some point, Team STRQ, Summer included, found out about the secrets of Professor Ozpin's abilities, his longevity and Salem's existence.
  8. Sep 18,  · SUMMER SONG ROSE REVIEW | THE RIGHT ROSES ‘Austango’ English Shrub Rose bred by David Austin. Guest of Honor. The team at The Right Roses devotes this review to JC from Buenos Aires, review is a request from JC, a visitor at The Right Roses.
  9. Review: Since its release in , David Lynch's neo-noir-horror, Lost Highway, has become something of a cult accompanying soundtrack album, here reissued on weighty double vinyl, is similarly revered in some circles. Put together by Nine Inch Nails' frontman Trent Reznor, composer Angelo Badalamenti, and punk-turned-producer Barry Adamson, it's a mish-mash of darkly intense songs.

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