Återuppspydd Skit - Various - Brutal Tapes 012 (Cassette)

Buy more to save! Notification will be sent to your e-mail address every time the item price is decreased. Qty 1. Add to cart Add to my list. Notify me when this item is back in stock. Specs: - HZ A tone for quick check with instrument tuner or MIDI note 69 - hz tone for setting speed with frequency counter and checking wow and flutter - Recorded in stereo, not full track Speed tolerance: 0.

Ask a question about this product. Customers also bought Customer feedback. Average customer rating :. Change the belts determine the correct length with a piece of thread wrapped around where the belt is supposed to be; don't rely on the length of the old belt's remains. Lubricate according to the manual, avoiding excess oil or grease. The tape deck's parts in contact with the tape i. Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. NO OIL on tapes! Question 2 months ago on Step 2.

I have a 60 cassette attache case filled with prerecorded cassettes like The Beatles Rarities, Bachman Turner Overdrive, etc. The case was stored on its "spine" with the handle on top on a shelf and the case was with one end behind a heat duct.

I don't think that it was the heat that created the issue because when the furnace was running, nothing else on the shelf felt noticeably warm. Another thing that could have caused the issue is that these cassettes were never played over the past 12 years.

The cassettes were left there like described. The problem is this. I finally got around to playing Beatles Rarities and it sounded wobbly, also as if the tape was stretched but it wasn't, and it sounded like there were no vocals but music. A friend suggested to get a pencil and wind it back and forth. I tried that but when going to play the cassette and it reached the end and the dual cassette deck that has auto reverse that if one cassette reached the end of one side, this would activate the other deck to play the other cassette, the finished cassette deck didn't disengage and did not allow the other cassette to start.

If I didn't physically press stop on that deck, it would have been the end of the cassette deck; the unit would have been destroyed. May you please show me how to fix these cassettes? It will prevent a loss in hundreds of dollars in cassettes. Answer 2 months ago. First off, make sure your cassette deck is fully functional. Use a tape from another stash if you have to. Make sure it plays ok. Old decks almost always need belts replaced. If your deck checks out.

Inspect the tapes closely. Look in the window. Any white fuzz? Drop me a line! Participated in the Vintage Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Wooden Disc Player by jbumstead in Arduino. Answer Upvote. SFtheGreat 5 years ago on Step 7. Reply Upvote. MichalG20 3 years ago. Ulotrichous is a word 4 years ago. MarkH54 5 years ago on Introduction. Ampex introduced the first compressed component recording with its DCT series in Panasonic trumped D-1 with its D-5 format, which is uncompressed as well, but much more affordable.

However, due to concerns by the entertainment industry about the format's lack of copy protection , only the smaller MiniDV cassettes used with camcorders became commonplace, with the full-sized DV cassettes restricted entirely to professional applications.

The introduction of HDTV video production necessitated a medium for storing high-definition video information. The first consumer videocassette recorders VCR were launched in based around Sony U-matic technology. Philips entered the domestic market the following year with the N At first VCRs and videocassettes were very expensive, but by the late s the price had come down enough to make them affordable to a mainstream audience. Videocassettes finally made it possible for consumers to buy or rent a complete film and watch it at home whenever they wished, rather than simply catching it at a movie theater or having to wait until it was telecast.

It gave birth to video rental stores, Blockbuster the largest chain, which lasted from about to It also made it possible for a VCR owner to begin time-shifting the recording of films and other television programs straight from the transmission. This caused an enormous change in viewing practices, as one no longer had to wait for a repeat of a program that had been missed. The shift to home viewing also changed the movie industry's revenue streams, because home renting created an additional window of time in which a film could make money.

In some cases, films that did only modestly in their theater releases went on to have strong performance in the rental market e. As well, whereas a VHS tape can be erased if it is exposed to a rapidly changing magnetic field of sufficient strength, DVDs and other optical discs are not affected by magnetic fields.

Even though DVDs do not have the problems of tapes, such as breakage of the tape or the cassette mechanism, DVDs can still be damaged by scratches.

Another factor for movie rental stores is that DVDs are smaller and take less space to store. As well, a viewer who wants to skip ahead to the end of a movie can do so much faster with a DVD than with a VHS tape which has to be rewound.

DVDs can have interactive menus, multiple language tracks, audio commentaries, Closed Captioning and subtitling with the option of turning the subtitles on or off, or selecting subtitles in several languages. Moreover, a DVD can be played on a computer. Due to these advantages, by the mids, DVDs were the dominant form of prerecorded video movies in both the rental film and new movie markets. In the late s and early s, though, consumers continued to use VCRs to record over-the-air TV shows, because consumers could not make home recordings onto DVDs.

Open a blank cassette at the four corner screws and remove the tape spools. Put the preferred spools into the case and thread the tape around the routing posts and over the pressure pad. Close the case together and replace the screws. Jonra Springs began writing in He writes fiction for children and adults and draws on experiences in education, insurance, construction, aviation mechanics and entertainment to create content for various websites.

May 25,  · Welcome to /r/cassetteculture, a subreddit dedicated to the humble cassette. Before the rise of the internet, it was tape trading and DIY attitudes among bands and their supporters that drove the scene. And today, indie bands are rejuvenating the format by releasing new music on cassettes; there are now hundreds of tape labels.

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  6. Jul 04,  · Mix tapes were a wonderful solution: You could create your own playlist, or make one for someone else, and because space on your cassette was limited to 60 minutes (or 90, or if you were really lucky), you had to be ruthless in your selection, and only the very best tunes made your tape. Cassettes are still doing well.
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  9. Each Cassette Tape is a Full-track Master tape (not a copy). Cassettes are recorded OFF SHELL (except azimuth, 5 Hz RAMM and 1 kHz Track Alignment Tapes) using an OTARI " (mm) Reel-to-Reel MXBIII-F-P4 Production full-track tape recorder and professional test equipment from cauroicewilcembpe.caregluperpamobippanngerosnana.co Capstan motor of the tape recorder is controlled by digital .

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