The Liar - J.O. The Last Man - The Mushroom Chronicles VI (CD, Album)

Philanthropy and SociaJ Progress. Baronfis Bunlctt-. Literature of Philanthropy. Cong, of Charities, Correction nnd Philanthropy. OrganiiLBtion of Charities ; Rept. American Charitica; a Study in Philanthropy and Bcononiies. Deacription of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, pi. Billings and H: M. Bind, illna. Colony of Mercy ; or. Boies, H; M. Priaonera and Paupere. Proceediuga of Ann. CougresB, Fourth Intcmat.

Prison Congress, St. Petersburg, Rnaaia. New York Slate Reformatory in Elmira. Insurance Dept. Report of the Comm. FouiLLfeE, A. Education and Heredity. Thomas Jefferson's Views ou Public Educa- tion. Sociology in Institutions of Learning, Educational Society. Short Account of the Society. Klbuh, I.. R: European Schools, illus. Proceedings of the Dept. L, H: F. School-Boy Life iu Merrie England. Educ, Bur, of, Rept. Cyclopaedia of Education. Boone, R: G. Education in the U.

Educ, Ser,. Hist, of Education in Florida. Bur, of, Circ, of Inf. Hist, of Education in Alabama, 1 S, Educ, Bur. Educ, Bur, of Circ. Education in Georgia. History of Education.

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Teaching in Three ContinenU. Howe, E: G. Mistakes in Teaching. Talks on Pedagogics ; an Outline of the Theory of Concentration. How Gertrude Teaches her Children. Habit and its Importance in Education. Ruling Principle of Method applied to Ed- ucation. Heath's Pedagogical Lib. Examination Dept. Regents' Examination Pdpers for School Management ; Practical Treatise for Teach- ers. T: Loyola and the Educational System of the Jesuits. Methods of Instruction and Organization of Schools of Germany.

Alcuin and the Rise of Christian Schools, map. American Annals of the Deaf. The Blind as seen through Blind Eyes. Children, their Models and Critics. Helps in Teaching Little Folks, illus. How shall my Child be Taught?

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Hist, of Higher Bducation in So, Carolina. German Universities, their Character and Historical Development. Harvard Graduateswbom I have Knowu. Agricallunil Kx- Marv. Phi r. Scholar aud the State. Beta Kappa Soc. Honorary Degrees as conferred i SuvTH, E. Hist, of University Education in Maryland.

Thobpb, F. Benjamin Franklin and the University of Pi aylvania. Within College Walls. J 37S Wai. Princeton Sketches; the Story of Nassau Hall. Higher Edacation in Indiana, illus. Country School in New England, illus. Evolution of Massachusetts Public School System.

Prussian Schools through American Eyes. Chapters on School Supervision. Public Instruction, Dept. School Supervision.

Public-School System of the U. Promotions and Examinations in Graded Schools. Bulletins, no. Handbook of the American Republics. Foreign Commerce of the American Republics and Colonies, no.

Brazil, no. History of Commerce in Europe, maps. Commerce and Industry , Bur. Gushing, M. Story of our Post Office, [United States], illus. I quite like this music and. My problem is the hype surrounding it. The harder garage sound has been around for the five years l have been buying records.

Then, all of a sudden. Surely spin- backs and time-stretched vocals will date just like snare rolls and cheesy piano riffs. Got off yer hype horse. Leave that bullshit to Kiss FM. And long live Terry Francis! Speed garage? What the fuck?! Speed garage is nothing but a clever term to describe music which rips off Armand Van Helden.

Then again, you Brits are really keen on taking American music to the American public. You did it with garage rock you called it punk , hip hop you called it trip hop and acid jazz , house and techno you called it acid house, progressive house, goa.

Every remix sounds identical, except for the vocal. Come on. AS a big fan of Armand Van Helden. I feel compelled to comment on the people who have been dissing his DJing. Everything was 1 00 percent perfect, from the mixing to choice of records, and he was fully focused on what he was doing atall times. Armand should be an inspiration to all DJs and I would like to take this opportunity to really thank him forthe best night I have ever had in a club.

As usual, this bigged up the bad boy crew and the mayhem which follows them. To prove my point. I attended the afterparty at the newly refurbished Temple, where some friendly ghetto youth let me in front of him at the bar then proceeded to put his hand up my skirt, get his dick out and try to place it between my legs. I thought it was nasty, low down and dirty.

Stop the violence and the phoney macho bullshit. Get on The Real. J LOVE. AS a producerand a lover of all good music. A recent affirmation of this came when a scout from a top major dance subsidiary called me with regard to a demo tape I had sent them, saying she liked one of the tracks.

She also said she welcomed the chance to hear anything else I was working on. A couple of months and several more tapes later. Confused and a bit annoyed. I sent them both a letter, questioning the sincerity of what they had told me. Even though, as I mentioned earlier. She then patronisingly felt the urge to tell me I needed to understand that the way I'd been going about things was not howthe industry worked. Afterwards, for some reason. I wrote her a letter of apology and accompanied my letter with a box of chocolates.

That was nearly three weeks ago and I have heard nothing more from them. From which I deduce that they seem happy to accept my gifts, but not myapologies. My answer is that the majority of them are overpaid idiots doing a job which almost anyone could do. They're insecure, too. Free party? More like a family barbecue. Better take your Access card. I know rave has turned into something hardly recognisable from what it once was.

The problem is that rave never quite lived up to its dreams. People shared a vision of a kind of utopia, then watched it get fucked up. I just wish that, instead of dreaming about the past every bleeding day. It's been a hectic, knackering, chasing-rabid- dogs-in-a-tank, more-ice-with-your -helicopter, snogging-in-the-sun. Anyone knows the score up there, please drop me a line on chiltonb ra.

I mean the most aural headfuck of my entire life!!! It would be a crime for this man to give up Djing. The whole thing has just come back to me and I am melting into a state of delirium. Those guys have an enthusiasm for music which is almost frightening. The coward club promoters have pulled out. Leeds is supposed to be the fastest growing city in the country, so how can it be one of the hardest places to run a club?

Think about it. I want to say : Granted, the music is pumping. Chief Medic. The DOT believes that up to 1 Adam Clayton was partying with Bono and the rest of the band after their sell-out Popmart shows in town.

Kelly said. According to Kelly. Brian Chamberlain, played the track. Instead, he took the needle off the record he was playing, picked up his record box and left. Richard Mooney, claimed the incident had been blown out of proportion. We put out a 1. He went crazy, screaming and shouting his head off down the phone. Aphrodite said. Commenting on his move to Radio One. DJs playing in the main room will be Pete Tong. Robert Miles. Darren Emerson.

Carl Cox. Ed Rush, Nico, Fabio. Grooverider and Angie G. Meanwhile the lounge area will star Patrick Forge. Ross Allen, the Ballistic Brothers. Faze Action. They are in fact Danny C and Mike Pears.

Liam Howlettof The Prodigy called it "one of the albumsthat got me into making music. To find out wherethe "smack my bitch up" line came from, look no further. Island Jamaica have issued a couple of limited edition smallies. Both are pressed like traditional Jamaican pre-releases, with tracks by Fishbone, The Toasters. Laurel Aitken and Ernest Ranglin. ChanneU will be showing it sometime in November. Raekwon and Inspectah Deck are alleged to have assaulted a promotions manager from Loud Records in Chicago last month.

He states that he was kicked in the face a number of times by Method Man while the other rappers held him down and that his watch and pager were then stolen.

He has filed a complaint with the police in Chicago. Mega-weird musicians in long white coats. The Aloof and Witchman for their "Roadworks" album. Fierce as ever. First signings are Mr C. Laurent Gamier. Matthew "Bushwacka" B. Kumo and ScanX. Dublin Red Box Belfast Mandela Hall 1 1. Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms Plymouth Cooperage 1 6. Birmingham Sanctuary 1 8. Leeds Cockpit 22 and Norwich Waterfront The hottest station on the airwaves and no mistake.

Paris' Rex. The two DJs have been involved in a war of words for the last 1 6 months, ever since Vasquez demanded that security staff at the Tunnel club, where he was the resident DJ at the time. Ironically, the pair had sorted out many of their differences in mid-August, when Tenaglia visited the Palladium for a night out. Vasquez s decision to set up camp at Twilo came just a few days after him announcing on a radio station in New York that he was to go on a one-year hiatus.

Vasquez was unavailable to comment on his sudden change of heart. Another twist in the story comes with the news that Tenaglia has now taken up a residency at the Tunnel, with his new night, called DTour, opening on the same night as Vasquez's first gig at Twilo.

Also, he's to stage parties at the recently reopened Limelight venue. Dublin Pod 9. Hull Up Yer Ronson 1 3. London The End 1 4.

Out shortly, it includes tracks from Michael Watford. Roy Ayers and Banda Black Rio. They visit Sheffield Rise October 1 7. Newcastle University Of Keele 1 8. An album is due out next spring. Plug up yer earholes or leap for joy depending on your preference as "Bonkers 3". Dougaland Sharkey, hitthe stores through React on October First artist album release on fast rising breakbeat imprint Bolshi.

See the world, shoot people and getmonged on drugs. I just want to be Number One in DJing. Through Muzik.

I want to challenge all DJs out there to take me on. Appearing as 2K. Only thing is. Ring 01 81 and choose for yourself which tunes should be included. Basement Jaxx are reported to have signed to XL. Oh no. Michael Fitzpatrick. Get Open. Shazz and Bang Bang on the way Additional ailments which regularly require hospital treatment are reported to include cases of people being burnt in the face by dancers who wave their cigarettes about and people trying to remove cigarette stubs from their shoes only to discover they are in fact shards of glass.

Dr Chris Luke. Fasten down the lid on your Thermos flask. New York 2. Sheffield 3. Transmat 5. Frankfurt 6. Suburban Knight 8. Alison Limerick - "Where Love Lives" Sasha Future Sound Of London 1 8. Masters At Work Hardfloor Juan Atkins Tony Humphries Dave Clarke Derrick Carter Deep Dish Carl Craig Todd Terry Smack DJ Crystl Plink Plonk Dragonfly Cheap O-Zone Axis Tribal Relief Patrick Prins Moving Shadow Probe TNT Frankie Bones Pretty much every other weekend when it was playing in Chinatown, then at the film festivals, and then the videotape and the laserdisk the DVD sounds like a rip-off I cried!

I jumped! I fell! I felt that extremely pleasant sense of complete exhaustion that one usually feels after swimming or dancing all night or doing you-know! How's the magic worked, besides by swinging great movie stars around on wires? Pacing, for one thing.

We plunge in medias Cuisinart and never pause for exposition, which means the movie not only rewards re-viewing but insists on it. Not to say that we're always moving fast -- a yard-dash isn't the same as pacing -- but there's always something going on. No, multiple things. Big ones, too. Like we're seeing life as we'd see it if we weren't blinkered, which is the sense of revelation that movies were born to deliver.

Like there's the traditional sequence of getting locked in a dungeon and rescuing the poor old tortured guy and escaping, but rather than waiting another couple of scenes before showing the ambiguous ethics of this particular poor old tortured guy we get a nightmarish demonstration during the escape itself: Yoda turns into Darth Vader before our very eyes.

And we're still stuck with rescuing the poor old tortured SOB even though now we know those battleship-anchoring chains weren't overkill. Swordsman II ratchets along a matrix of interlocking conflicting motives: love vs. A Fraternal motivation clump consists of Ling, Kiddo, Smartass, Scumbag, and the other Wah Mountain scholars A Paternal centers on Master Wu, with his daughter, Chief Ying, plu-paternally centering a subgroup The sole Connubial connection is found between Invincible Asia and the starts-as-Imelda-Marcos-ends-as-Cleopatra concubine Cici Each principal has a gang of intimates that in turn find themselves split between sentiment and professional loyalty, although professions being what they are each sentimental attachment is also occasionally of professional use.

And all lines eventually lead to the hero, geometrically demonstrating that he deserves to be the hero. Whatever forces created Swordsman II realized that you build a movie's intensity not just by arranging scenes in order of their budget, but by raising the emotional stakes.

As one of Swordsman Ling's idiotic poems might phrase it, "Life is entanglement. Entanglement creates suffering. Where then is peace to be found? Throwing superpowers behind these at-odds good intentions only accelerates the dismal outcomes. That's a moral that Watchmen muddied due to the irreconcibility of moral conflict with the American superhero tradition, but pessimism is a firmly established mood in Chinese escapism -- imaginary gardens with real politik.

It's not power that corrupts: it's purpose. There's no dependable dichotomy of "dark" and "light" force, just cross purposes. So, following the same firmly established mood, the most purposeless of all the characters, the lazy alcoholic womanizer Ling, who lacks even spiritual ambition, inevitably becomes the object of all desire. We can only hope he finds a less masochistic form of Zen in Japan As for the rest of us, we're doomed to another cycle of strife and attachment and suffering.

Which is to say, let's watch Swordsman II again! Sadly for us old-timers, the original HK subtitles were replaced. Notable changes include: Self-mortifying "Zen" is now self-mortifying "Heung". He almost says it himself: Object-oriented techniques aren't so much useful because they map the real world, as because they map how software engineers think.

I've always done my top-level design in what was later called a "object-oriented" way. Using an object-oriented language just shortens the trip from design to implementation. The better the language, the shorter the trip, which is why I still miss ScriptX. Having said that, it's always good to be reminded of our besetting sins as software engineers and humans.

Premature overgeneralization , for example, which is just Our Gang's variation of humanity-at-large's besetting sin, rushing into categorization. We receive so many internal and external rewards for generalizing and categorizing that we tend to anticipate categories long before we've had enough experience to justify them, and then feel forced to defend our itty-bitty-witties against all enemies i.

Thus, our anticipations lead us to ignore the evidence of the real world and, admittedly, reap the often sizable rewards of ignorance rather than preparing us for it. Less philosophically and more engineeringly, the advice to "trust no one" is well-founded. I mean, don't waste time trusting no one, but try not to tie your fate too closely to code you can't examine. On the grossest scale, all inter-group much less inter-company; viz.

ScriptX projects are doomed; on a smaller one, I'd refuse to use any framework I couldn't modify, particularly after my Microsoft AFC nightmare. Removing and adding display elements wasn't thread-safe. OK, that's the horrible unworkable one. But the so-horrible-it-was-funny one was when I did a performance analysis and found a bottleneck at the Microsoft-supplied sorting routine.

How hard is it to do a sort in an object-oriented language? There's gotta be pointers , right? I guess it depends on which sub-sub of a sub-sub gets the job, but Microsoft handed it to someone who must not've heard of pointers, and Microsoft never had the code reviewed. One routine rewritten; three-hundred-to-one speed-up.

Not nearly so bad is the temporary-object-and-synch-locking overhead of Sun's StringTokenizer. And Christ. Sometimes that English-Philosophy double major looks good. Until I see what English and Philosophy professors are doing. The twentieth century established its characteristic tone in with publication of the two sickest novels the English language had yet produced: Henry James's The Sacred Fount and M.

Shiel 's The Purple Cloud. I don't know what to counsel for the former, but patience is counseled for the latter, since it lurches off like Jules Verne or something. Be assured: the mood then sinks like a pearl through Prell, from H.

Wellsian to Edgar Allen Poetic and down, down, down to a really bad mood. In the purple cloud, Shiel not only foresaw Prince's classic breakthrough soundtrack album of the s but also the neutron bomb.

More than forty years before Little Boy dropped, the novel described what a modern reader can only interpret as world-girdling fallout and radiation poisoning. And what does the Last Man on Earth do after the proto-neutron-bomb delivers all that prime real estate intact into his hands? Well, what does anyone do with unlimited power? Blow things up real good! Not sure why the Bingo-Bango-Bongo -I-don't-want-to-leave-the-Congo redemptive ending didn't bug me more. Maybe it's because Shiel's version of Eve comes by her puddin'-headedness natural, having been raised by wild dust motes.

Maybe it's because the relationship is played dysfunctionally enough to fit into the rest of the story. Or because the hero backslides and foreslides so often that I don't have to take his "ultimate" redemption at full CA value Had to end somewhere , after all. Everything does. Gosh Darn the Pusher One of the few things I don't like about MP3-mania is the way that the big software concerns have positioned it as a way to pirate CDs.

I mean, what I love about MP3 is that it's a convenient cheap durable way to preserve and play audio that's otherwise available only on inconvenient or not-so-durable media: cassette-only recordings, old 45s and 78s, very out-of-print LPs But Real and Microsoft and MP3.

In fact, one of the first free pieces of software that did convert non-CD-audio to MP3 files, BladeEnc, was hassled right out of binary distribution by big business monkeys. Conspiracy theory, anyone? Special Anniversary Narcissism Week! Beats me. I've tried to not pay much attention since the hit counts passed those of my two ancient Yahoo!

Unless you're advertising, popularity doesn't matter on the web. That's the whole point of the web as a medium: wide distribution is cheap, and therefore not dependent on things like popularity. I know the readers who'd enjoy my crypto-cornpone style are a small minority. I just want as many of that minority as possible to get a chance to enjoy it.

I used to tell my web design students that they should count success by the amount of nice email they got. I've gotten some nice email for the Hotsy Totsy Club. To Paul Perry : Perhaps I'm overoptimistic, but I think the distinction between community and incest is easily maintained with a little conscious exogamy. As Aquinas says, incest is sinful because its cramming together of multiple social relations "would hinder a man from having many friends.

To share all the applications of that form would be incestuous if consensual; simple plagiarism if not. Which doesn't appear to be a problem in the ontogroup you've posited -- I doubt that you and I have ever had a link or a line in common, for example -- probably due to the very things that interest us in the form I recognize the words you're using, but I would've used them to describe my issues with print publication.

The painfully particularized audience who happens to be subscribing to a particular magazine during my particular appearance or to have bought a particular anthology containing my particular story is precisely because it's the target audience of the publications more than likely to be bored or annoyed by my work.

Web publishing, on the other hand, is only "ideal audience. No "ideal audience" right away? Well, put the pages into the search engines and wait.

No "ideal audience" ever? Well, at least it was cheap. On the web, the non-ideal audience will simply not bother reading what I've written; that is, it doesn't exist as an audience. The biggest problem I have with web publishing has to do with that very fluffiness -- the lack of antagonism and risk means fewer itchy stimuli to respond to, less friction to push off against, less lying but more solipsism -- which is where I'm hoping that crosslinking, email, and public discussion can help Although it seems to make sense that conventional publishing should lead to more topical and less personal discourse, that hasn't been my experience.

In the shorter forms of paper-publishing, anyway, public commentary tends to be driven by professional feuds and personal friendships, and private commentary restricts itself to messages like "Would you write something similar for my publication?

I've gotten many more direct and diverse and therefore useful responses from web publication, partly because search engines don't worry about enforcing an editorial tone, thus allowing for more startle effect, and partly because email makes it easy to send responses. As for the cult of personality, I'd be happy to admit that I think it's impossible to separate "voice" from "content" -- at least for the kind of content and the kind of voice I have.

What journalism and academia might describe as the "privileging of content" or as "self-discipline," I hear as "mendacious if useful voice of authority," and it makes me sick with hypocrisy when I mimic it. Scholarly and commercial venues would be accessible if I could stick to the point, and hip venues if I could stick to aggressive role-playing; but when de-emphasizing the performative and the off-putting is required for writing, then I simply don't write.

And since I still seem to want to write, I make the working assumption that it's not required. For those nice people, I've just recently added the ability to link persistently to current entries. The link is attached to the entry's date e.

Speaking of persistence, regular readers would probably be better off slightly irregularized: I'm a revising terror. And, more immediately than any other medium, the web gratifies that urge to revise. In the particular case of the Hotsy Totsy Club, links will be added, stiltedness will be pared back, spelling mistakes will be corrected, and vocals will be brought up in the mix, "generally within 36 hours" to use Jouke's formula of initial publication.

Maintain ephemera! Support open stacks! No learning without browsing; no love without exogamy! That's why I try to put the Hotsy Totsy Annals on as many search engines as possible, to make the entries self-sufficient, and to not get that interested in the size of my "regular readership" although god knows I love those regular readers who're vocal enough to send me email and god knows, whatever the number it's much larger than I'd gain from a little magazine, scholarly journal, or self-published zine : my real target audiences are users of search engines and special interest portals who, I hope, will value the ephemeral distraction on the side they'll find when they bump into an issue of the Club.

The program also provides limited exact word or phrase only user-directed searches:. But mostly it's been Hotsy Totsy. Over the next couple, it won't be too big a surprise if I finish some other essays I've been promising for years on Patricia Highsmith, on Jean Eustache And I better make a living. But mostly I expect it to be Hotsy Totsy. Well, if this is gonna be my standard watering hole, I got some suggestions to make to the proprietor, if he can rouse himself up from behind that 1.

As previously noted , one of the goals for my topical-page-assembler script was discussion threading: folks would write me and then I'd thread their letters. It hasn't worked out: over time, I've gained more readers but they've become more passive. I want to keep editorial control, which is why there's not a "Forum" plugged into the page, but that assertion of control may be stifling conversation. Maybe also I've gotten shyer about quoting correspondents? Whichever, I get tired of hearing my own whiny voice alla time.

Something must be done. More music! More pictures! Not more JavaScript and more Java. Twice a year's probably enough for that shit. OK, for the former I have to cut deals and pay for more web space and for the latter I have to buy a Windows-usable graphics tablet. Everybody got trouble. One of the storms that drove me into this dive was my frustration with fiction. But that's also one of the things I miss. But what about dialog and incident? What about characters?

What about sensitive poetic descriptions of landscapes? And all the other garbage I'd like to get rid of without putting it into a story? Because I don't trust story farther than I can throw it, and my noodle arms can't throw story very far And while we're on fiction, how about that paraliterary subgenre we call "real life"?

How about a little more real life? Admittedly, I've been living in one place for a while now and, like most predators, I can't see anything that stands still for any appreciable amount of time. But I could always go travelling with a laptop. Zonked in a hotel room in Toronto last week, I decided that, having taken the effort to jam a folded-up newspaper into the television cabinet's door's hinge to keep it from swinging shut, I might as well watch the television.

Where else but in a television executive's mind could success be defined as reducing one's social circle to complete solitude? In immaturity, that's where else. Children are powerless and power-hungry, and their ambitions are easily and regularly, in most school systems guided into the narrowest nastiest channels possible. John and Carrie strive to educate their customers on how to keep their home heated and cooled in the winter and summer, and what to do to extend the life of the unit.

You can count on the service, advice and fair pricing that you receive and a thorough and complete check at each service visit. Business hours are 8 a. Monday through Friday, with 24 hours emergency service to their customers. I have some estate jewelry pieces and gold that I would like to sell. Is there a local store who can appraise them and give me a fair purchase price? Owner, Steve Duke, is on site to assist you with jewelry purchases and appraisals, or the sale of your old gold and other valuables.

Specializing in pre-loved Rolex watches, new and estate jewelry pieces, oriental rugs, unusual gifts, paintings, rare collectibles, and more, Westchester should be your destination. The selection is amazing. This business is a community staple and is known for its generosity in giving back. It is interesting, fun and always topical. Visit their website at www. The bride, Erin, works as controller at Enzymedica Inc. She is the daughter of Dr. Michael and Mary Ann Heagney. The groom, Russell B.

Richey III, works as a musician. He is the son of Mr. Russell Richey Jr. Following the wedding ceremony, the couple will spend their honeymoon in Washington, D. The parents of Jennielyn Rizon Tacata and Joseph Frede are pleased to announce the engagement of their children. Joseph of Port Charlotte, Fla. The couple are planning a wedding for the winter of Clark; 3-Nancy Gant, Wally Wallace.

Bill Kirkaldy also got four hat tricks! Ladies Bridge winners Feb. Slam Bridge winners Feb. Mahjong winners Feb. Sunday Double Deck Pinochle winners Feb. Monday Night Pinochle winners Feb.

Wednesday Double Deck Pinochle winners Feb. Friday Evening Bridge winners Feb. Friday Night Euchre winners Feb. Pinochle winners Feb. Port Charlotte Cribbage Club winners Feb. Isles Yacht Club Scrabble winners Feb. Duplicate Bridge winners Feb. Partners Bridge winners Feb. Rolls Landing Condo Bridge winners Feb. Robert Anthony Rogers Jr. He was born Feb.

He will be missed, always loved, but never forgotten. Services will be held at a later date in Loudonville. Robert may be kindly remembered at www. KeaserGlen A. Keaser, 60, of Arcadia, Fla. He was born July 28, , in Pontiac, Mich. Glen was the former owner of Paradise Jewelers in Englewood. He enjoyed riding his Harley and shing.

Saturday, Feb. Memorial donations may be made to Tidewell Hospice Inc. Richard E. RankinRichard E. Rankin, 71, of the Lettuce Lake, Arcadia, Fla. Johnny W. SadlerJohnny W. Sadler, 68, passed away Saturday, Feb. Today Metric is celebrating 37 years in business, and employs people.

He lived each day to the fullest on his own terms. In addition to being an accomplished engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, Charlie was a skilled pilot, motorcy clist, boater and operator of anything that moved. He had a passion for hard work and play and relished the great gratication that came from it.

He helped people start their own businesses, built a home for special needs kids in another county, donated riverfront land to the City of Lowell for a park; the list is long. Charlie enjoyed his family and many friends. He is survived and will be greatly missed by his lov ing wife, Sheri; children, Charles S. He was preceded in death by his parents; and brother, Fred Thomas.

Thursday, Feb. In lieu of owers, contributions in memory of Charlie may be made to the Conquistador Scholarship Foundation at R. Box , Punta Gorda, FL Rich Barber Shop or five haircuts and get the sixth free! The groom's father, WilliamBacon served as best man, and the bride's best friend,Jina Ker was maid of honor.

An intimate dinner at Italia Restaurant, Punta Gorda,followed. The location was in part chosen as it housed theoriginal Bacon's Furniture store in the early 's. SoloistMarcella Brown entertained performing beautiful operafavorites. The photography was by Peter Aratari. LS LLLt. Please keep them to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling.

An address and telephone number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided.

Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. One developer led a lawsuit last week. The Sun reported a woman being hit by a stray bullet from the range while she was in Carmalita Park in Another incident involved more stray bullets hitting a pickup in the Charlotte County public works lot in Was this a county pickup?

Were the victims of these two incidents compensated for damages? Were there resulting lawsuits? Carmalita Park is frequently lled with children playing baseball and riding bikes in BMX races. Is there a scheme to push the taxpayers to fund a new ring range for CCSO? Can the existing range be made safe for adjacent properties? What gives CCSO the right to devalue adjacent properties by subjecting them to danger from stray bullets?

What steps, if any, did the county attorney take to address the problem? What steps, if any, did the county administrator take to ensure the safety of the public? The likes of Charley Scott and none other than Michael Jordan lauded their coach for not only his coaching while at UNC, but his concern beyond their playing days. All very deserving. Going unnoticed on the grand scale was the death of another great but much less heralded basketball coach. His name is Wayne Wilson. He never coached a Florida team.

Wayne taught, coached basketball and baseball and served as athletic director at a historic but small Fairhaven, Mass. When Wayne and Joyce retired, they chose Port Charlotte. Daughters Leigh and Lynne would soon follow, making this their home as well. It sounds nice, like it might be a good idea, right? What the legislation will do, is to make the Internet into a Editor: I just read a diatribe on how he can do subtraction and prove the POTUS created more debt than Bush.

I would suggest the writer go back to school and learn civics. It came as something of a surprise last week that the Sarasota County Commission rejected rezoning for a controversial housing development proposed for a rural-suburban edge neighborhood in Englewood. In recent years, the County Commission has been criticized by slow-growth advocates who see it as overly pro-development.

Outright rejection of building projects has been rare since the recession. And then, the Planning Commission previously had given its approval after offer ing small revisions.

So local opponents were not optimistic. But at a hearing last week, a motion for approval by newly elected Commissioner Al Maio failed to win a second. The result was denial. The vote was From our perspective, this was the right decision. Neighbors in semi-rural, veand acre ranchettes off Morningside fought the zoning change. Current zoning allows one house per ve acres. The conict came with the difcult transition. And, from our perspective, Tromble Bay was simply too jarring. Rick and Michele M.

Tromble have a horse ranch there now. But this was too much. One difculty for developers here is that 30 percent of this property is wetlands. That meant the 79 homes two per acre on the total 40 seemed crammed into the remaining property. All the open land was in one section; the houses shoehorned into the rest. It might have worked somewhere else.

But here, it seemed incompatible with both the ranchette neighbors and the Stillwater development, which has signicant open space at its outer boundary. Of course, one alternative was to decrease the total number of houses proposed. As it was, this was at the maximum. Fewer would allow a better layout with more open space and buffering to the outside. The developers chose not to trim back.

Hence, the rejection. Eventually, this property may become something other than a horse ranch. Wayne died only four days after Joyce, who nally succumbed to the breast cancer she had been ghting for 20 years. Her death was somewhat anticipated and goodbyes were said. Wayne could be said to have died from a broken heart, but it seems an aneurysm was the culprit.

Goodbyes not said. Wayne was well-known and highly regarded in eastern Massachusetts coaching circles. His former players attending his memorial ser vice last Saturday spoke of his discipline, preparedness and knowledge of the game.

Many had traveled great distances to pay their last respects. No basketball coach could know more about the game than Wayne. Rest in peace, Wayne and Joyce. Michael A. Henriques Port Charlottepublic utility that is taxed and regulated.

You see, the Internet has become a major carrier of information that you and I want to share. It carries our mail orders, our birthday messages, our news, and our private conversations. It amounts to a 21st century form of free speech like chatting over the backyard fence or at the hardware store.

They manage the U. Postal Service and regulate our telephone bills. Both have seen steep increases in recent years. Who will this hurt? The middle class American. Why do we need another area of our lives managed by Big Brother? This is not something viewed as an urgent issue by the people. We are happy with the way things are. But there is too much money and control available because of the use of the Internet. So, the government, always looking for another way into our pocket, sees an opportunity.

So far, with this administration, the only thing that gets their attention most of the time is a massive outcry from the people. Make your voices heard before you lose another freedom or pay dearly for the right to exercise it. Jennie Veary Englewood It may be the triumph of hope over headlines to imagine that a Congress currently incapable of funding the Department of Homeland Security could pass a new war authorization.

Funding DHS should be a no-brainer. Crafting a new authorization for the use of military force is fraught with bipartisan disagreements over scope, and further complicated by Republican distrust of President Obama. Spoiler alert: They surrender. By contrast, failure to approve a war authorization would represent an abdication of constitutional responsibility, with implications far beyond the current Congress. So credit to Obama for coming forward with a more plausible alternative.

He held back earlier, as the Senate Foreign Relations committee took up the issue during the lame-duck session, on the theory that presidential quacking was not apt to win Republican votes. Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons during negotiations that should involve congressional duties. And Russia is revising European borders by force and, like Iran, is the object of a U.

As Congress weighs its for eign policy role regarding these three matters, Corker treads the contested terrain between deference to presidential primacy in foreign policy and the need for collective wisdom and shared responsibility. Were Barack Obama more prudent than vain, he would want congressional collaborators in problematic foreign ventures.

He has, however, ignored the historical norm whereby presidents specify the authority they need. On Sept. It has hardly been mentioned since. Should an AUMF mention it? Nevertheless, many legislators, including some who are indignant about Obama unilaterally setting environmental and immigration policies, seem reluctant to leash him regarding war. Corker hopes an AUMF debate will, for the administration, lay out a plausible path to stated goals regarding Syria. Tip-toeing through a diplomatic mineeld, Corker is working on ways for Congress to effect the negotiations positively without jeopar dizing them.

Corker and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S. Congress would have an additional 15 days to introduce a joint resolution of disapproval. If the president does not submit any agreement, or if a resolution of disapproval is enacted, then prior sanction relief is ended. Regarding Russia, too, Corker and his committee are relevant to U. Vladimir Putin, says Corker, cannot be allowed to succeed in his aggression, and must pay a heavy price until he changes course.

But he should not be forced to fail so calamitously that a destabilized Russia destabilizes the region. Banking and other sanctions, coinciding with a roughly 50 percent decline in the price of oil, have convulsed this ramshackle country.

Never mind. He has now visited 64 countries, some of them multiple times, and his mind is unclouded by long immersion in the conventional thinking of the foreign policy clerisy, with its inclination to disparage strong congressional initiatives in foreign policy. George Will is a columnist for The Washington Post. Readers may reach him at georgewill washpost. The senator to watch in relations with the West. In Israel, a March election could produce a government less eager to settle or annex much of the West Bank, but it may be too late for Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate a deal for two states.

As for Kim Jong Un, watch to see if his Chinese allies nally tire of his antics and try to curb him in the new year. The long-overdue U. In , watch to see if more people-to-people contact, and global exposure to Cuban art, music, sports, and s Chevies, creates pressure for gradual political change.

Trudy Rubin is a columnist and editorialboard member for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Readers may reach her at trubin phillynews. New Patients Welcome Have a sports event planned? Send us the info at sports sun-herald. Happy 72nd birthday to Stanley Knisely on his special day Jan. Email your. Deadline is noon Thursday. For more information, call Marion at Happy 1st birthday to Desmond Kiah on his special day Jan. Happy 74th birthday to Joyce Graf on her special day Jan.

Happy 3rd birthday to Alex andra Watson on her special day Jan. She weighed 6pounds, 14ounces. He weighed 7pounds, 6ounces. She weighed 7pounds, 15ounces. She weighed 7pounds, 8ounces. She weighed 7pounds, 7ounces. Canfield v. James E. Canfield Rebecca Lynne Cothern v.

Volney Myers Cothern Kathleen Goad v. Kenneth W. Goad Jennifer I. Hisey v. Jonathan A. Hisey Randy Hopkins v. Darla Jean Hopkins J.

Thomas Ratliff v. Gloria J. Ratliff Carolyn Maier Rosenthal v. Frederick Rosenthal Michael Stipp v. Charity Stipp Laura Marianne Swab v. Arlo Christopher Swab Andrew K. Weitzel v. Paul Urbanick. Monday Night Pinochle winners Dec. Pinochle winners Dec. Isles Yacht Club Scrabble winners Dec. B S North of Kings Hwy. Baer's never sets at retail MSRP. Design License IB It is slated for 11 a. It seems like many Charlotte County seniors were concerned about defending themselves without a gun, according to Renaissance Academy Program Coordinator Nancy Staub.

The course teaches participants how to identify and manage danger areas, according to Rexroad. If an attack is unavoidable, ight may be the best option. He can be reached at rramos fgcu. Business customers will see a decrease of roughly 1 percent, depending on rate class and type of service. It takes into account recently approved cost-effective energy efciency goals that will result in savings for FPL customers over the next ve years.

FPL residential customers can calculate their estimated savings by entering their monthly electricity usage into the online calculator at FPL. Morales was given the award on Dec. Email: ashirk sun-herald. WhilesheisnewtoRegions Mortgage,sheisnotnewto MortgageLending. Ourgated,resident-ownedgolfcommunityoffersa widevarietyofactivitiesfortheoverretiree.

DropbyKingsHighway, orcalloursalesstaffatforalookat ouravailablehomes. OrchecktheInternetat www. Wn -fe3. Barclay felt that way again Saturday. His former roommate and one of his closest friends was gone. We went through middle and high school together. We were roommates for three years in Boca Raton. We went snorkeling all the time. We played golf and softball together. Gia spent Christmas Day with his mother and grandmother.

He then went home and was excited to play guitar with his friends down in the basement of the home he rented with a couple of close friends. He had named me the gunnery sergeant and Will the lieutenant. As he turned around, Gia missed the step and fell and hit his head on the concrete. Gia was airlifted to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton.

His friends and relatives rushed to be at his side, and he passed away. A ag-raising service was held at the hospital to honor Gia, who was an organ donor.

Gia came over. He stayed with me for hours and hours. He told friends to come over. He helped me get through it. He made me know there was more for me. Dave vowed to never take it off until the day he dies.

Inside the memorial, a slide show played in the lobby, showing photos of Gia as a boy, and with his family and his friends. Hundreds of family members and friends hugged one another and shared Gia stories. Some laughed because they knew he would want them to.

Others cried and were comforted in group hugs. Friends set up an online Go Fund Me account to offset costs of the owers and other expenses for the memorial. I hope people can achieve what Gia did in his short time on Earth. He will be greatly missed, but always remembered. He donated his organs to help others. The ag was signed by his friends. Our team of highly skilled surgeons, nurses, physician assistants and rehabilitation specialists work with you and your primary care physician to develop a customized treatment plan.

If you need surgery, we offer the most advanced surgical procedures using the latest technologies. Specialized services include: Joint replacement and reconstruction Spine Care Hand and upper extremity treatment Sports medicine Foot and ankle treatment Orthopedic rehabilitation For more information, please call or visit us at: largomedicalcenter.

Walden, Au. Farag, D. Katrine Farag, D. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal. Code: CS00 w w w. Francis, E. When the new Congress raises the curtain Tuesday, Republicans will run both the House and Senate for the rst time in eight years. GOP leaders want to showcase their legislative priorities, mixing accomplishments with showdowns with Obama but shunning government shutdowns and other chaotic standoffs.

Another priority is minimizing distractions like the recent admission by No. Capitol in Washington. Safely landing a large spacecraft on the Red planet is just one of many engineering challenges the agency faces as it eyes an ambitious goal of sending humans into deep space later this century.

Kentucky State Police Sgt. Dean Patterson also said Federal Aviation Administration ofcials have arrived at the scene to try to deter mine why the small Piper PA crashed as it was ying over rural southwestern Kentucky early Friday evening.

The plane had reported engine trouble and lost contact with air trafc controllers shortly before the p. CST crash, authorities said. About a half hour later, a man called and told dispatchers that a 7-year-old girl had walked to his home in Kuttawa, Ky.

The girl had walked nearly 1 mile, through thick piles of brush, in temperatures that were less than 40 degrees before reaching the home of year-old Larry Wilkins. The biggest piece, measuring 18 meters 59 feet long and 5. Though strong cur rents and big surf have prevented divers from entering waters to get a visual of the suspected fuselage, ofcials are hopeful they will nd many of the passengers and crew inside, still strapped in their seats.

There were people aboard the plane, but after a week of searching, only 30 bodies have been found oating in the choppy waters.

The Airbus A crashed Dec. Minutes before losing contact, the pilot told air trafc control that he was approaching threatening clouds, but was denied permission to climb to a higher altitude because of heavy air trafc.

The man said he initially thought it was a doll wrapped in a blanket. Paramedics conrmed that the two fetuses were dead. Homicide detectives are investigating. John Maryon says the fetuses were well-developed and appeared to be ve months along or older.

An autopsy is planned. He was Dickens died Friday at a Nashville-area hospital of cardiac arrest after suffering a stroke on Christmas Day, Opry spokeswoman Jessie Schmidt said. Dickens, who stood 4-foot, had performed on the Opry almost continuously since His last performance was Dec.

He had turned 94 a day earlier. He was a one-of-kind entertainer and a great soul whose spirit will live on for years to come. Williams was a longtime professor at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He has written, translated or edited more than 30 books, including a dozen poetry collections, according to the Poetry Foundation. Edward W. Brooke, a liberal Republican who became the rst black in U. Brooke died of natural causes at his Coral Gables, Fla. Brooke was surrounded by his family.

And the president was on hand in October when Brooke was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award Congress has to honor civilians. Police say one vehicle caught re and was destroyed. The re also damaged three other vehicles and cargo inside a tractor-trailer unit.

The crashes happened in and near Ashland, about 30 miles north of Concord. Manchester District Fire Chief Al Poulin told WMUR-TV that there were many vehicles on the road driving faster than the 75 mph speed limit, including some apparently heading to ski resorts for the weekend. Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Boynton said the highway went from dry pavement to snowcovered in three minutes.

A record women will serve in Congress, and for the rst time, African-American members of both genders and representing both parties will be among the ranks on Capitol Hill. The number of female lawmakers is up slightly from at the close of the last Congress, but represents about 20 percent of the total in Congress. A total of 94 racial minorities will serve in Congress, about 18 percent. There are senators and seats in the House.

The House will have Republicans and Democrats. One seat is vacant following the resignation on Monday of Rep. Back at school, Unhei finds a glass jar on her desk. It is filled with names that her classmates have selected for her. Unhei does not pick an American name immediately. At the Korean grocery store, Joey, a classmate, overhears Mr. The next day, the name jar is gone removed by Joey in hopes Unhei would keep her Korean name and Unhei introduces herself using her real name.

Her cat may have delivered her kittens! Even when she finally arrives at home she must wait to see her cat while she helps her mother with the phone bill. Finally, she sees her cat and discovers that the kittens have arrived. Marisol is a child with a lot of responsibility. Her knowledge of both English and Spanish is an important asset to her community and she is proud of her accomplishments. His family has just moved to America and Yungsu has not made any new friends. To add to his loneliness, his father is too busy working at his store to play with Yungsu.

His father describes his hopes for a better future for Yungsu. The next day, Yungsu helps his mother make bulgogi meat and rice wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

He decides to take some to his father, who is busy at the store. On his way there, he meets Alex, a boy he knows from school. Yungsu shares some of the bulgogi and invites Alex to come for a visit. Mei Mei resents learning the language and history of this new place, fearing she will lose touch with her heritage. Her teacher helps her adjust and feel included. Her mother has made her a beautiful lunch of sushi.

The kids at school make fun of her lunch and Yoko is embarrassed. Although only Timothy will try her sushi, Yoko is pleased to have one intrepid friend. There are more stories about Yoko and the kids from Hilltop School.

He learned to play when he was four and his family helps him make chess fun. For example, his mother made a chessboard out of squares of bread so Alex could use food for the chess pieces—like a piece of banana for the king. Alex loses his games with Uncle Hooya and, eventually, he loses his enthusiasm for chess. For several years, Alex avoids playing chess. Finally, in the third grade, he joins the Wednesday chess club and his love for chess is rekindled.

In the club, Alex learns that he is not the best. He wins some and loses some. Literacy provides opportunities to grow and improve. Reading opens doors to better jobs and a better self-image. Children listening to this story will want to talk about what reading and libraries mean to them. Falker features a character who struggles to learn to read. Falker, children can examine the obstacles each girl faced. Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys can also be added to the comparison activity.

A survey of favorite books or authors would be a good related activity. Children can use different types of graphs bar, pie, etc. They can interview family and friends to find out what reading and libraries mean to them. George Baker. George Baker Illus. George Baker, who is African American, on his front porch.

Baker comes out to the porch and gives Mr. Baker a paper bag with his lunch. Harry and George wait together, both with their red book bags. The school bus arrives and they both get on.

Harry goes to his class full of kids and Mr. George Baker sits with a small group of adults. Both groups are learning to read. This intergenerational story celebrates the importance of reading for all ages. Her determination and spirit help her succeed. Falker Illus. Her teacher, Mr. Falker, praises her artistic talent but the kids still taunt her.

Falker discovers her disability and he, along with a special reading teacher, help Trisha find success as a reader. A Note after the story explains that the book is autobiographical. The events in The Bee Tree Philomel, are also mentioned in this book. At school, Abe absorbed letters, numbers, and words. At home, he listened to stories, often Bible stories told by his mother.

When his father remarried, his new wife brought books to the Lincoln home. Whenever he could, Abe read. And as he grew older, he studied on his own and became a lawyer. His perseverance and dedication to learning were qualities that helped him become the sixteenth president of the United States.

This book describes the restrictions put on females in China, where girls were not encouraged to go to school. Girls have the same rights as boys. Both books are based on actual events. Running the Road to ABC, which is set in Haiti, brings in another perspective on the importance of education.

By the end of second grade, students should be able to see the connection between the past and the present. They should be able to analyze the contributions of individuals and recognize the impact on how we live today.

After reading Running the Road to ABC, children could make a chart showing what they do to get to school—what time they leave home, the length of their trip, the kind of transportation. After reviewing this chart, share Read and Rise and think about the impact of reading. Washington dreams of being able to read. Ruby loves to learn, but she knows how unusual it is for a girl to be educated in China. Ruby tells her dream of attending a university to her grandfather, who arranges for her to go.

She becomes one of the first female university students in China. They eat breakfast. As dawn breaks, they are running— along narrow trails, past fields, and down hills—to the main road.

They follow the road through the town and back into the countryside until they reach their destination—the schoolhouse. You dream and wonder, plan and learn. Numerous glowing, full-color photographs depict African Americans—young and old—enjoying the impact of reading.

This book is part of the National Urban League initiative to promote reading within the African American community and to inspire African American children to believe in their dreams.

Scholastic is a partner in the Read and Rise literacy campaign. Native American studies would also be enhanced by the use of Sequoyah. Some schools and libraries offer programs where the children research a famous person and then appear in a costume to present the report. Sequoyah would be a great book for this activity. Like Sequoyah, the focus is on the importance of literacy for ordinary people. In many countries, reading and writing is restricted to the elite, to the wealthy and powerful.

Exploring another language would be a natural extension from reading these two books. The American Sign Language alphabet, and signs for specific words, would help children understand the importance of communication.

According to this legend, King Sejong designed a Korean alphabet to allow his people to communicate in their own language. Color photographs depict children demonstrating the signs. He grew up in humble surroundings in the southern United States.

In his fifties, he began to experiment with ways to capture the sounds of the Cherokee language, first designing a symbol for each word and then creating letters for specific sounds.

His accomplishments allowed the Cherokee people to communicate in writing in their native language. Children learn to gather information from texts and to organize it for improved understanding. One popular graphic organizer is the character map. Another organizer examines character traits. One column lists character traits while another asks for examples of that trait in the book.

Lowji Discovers America offers a strong central character, Lowji Sanjana, who could be featured in a character map. He is apprehensive, intrepid, hopeful, and open to new experiences.

Readers could also chart the differences between his life in India and his life in America. Another character who could be the focus of a character map is Ray Halfmoon from Indian Shoes. Ray is a lively character who has some humorous adventures. Some of the chapters in Indian Shoes offer opportunities for prediction, too. Because the two books are connected, readers get insights into each character from different points of view.

Here is a sample of a chart for examining character traits. Lowji is intrepid and curious. He follows footprints and handprints hoping to find a friend. Lowji is resourceful. He finds a way to get his landlady, Mrs. Crisp, to allow him to have pets— including goats! Lowji misses his large family; he especially misses his friend Jamshed.

It is summer vacation, so how will he make friends in this new town? Perhaps Lowji will finally be allowed to have a pet. The landlady, Mrs. Crisp, is very clear that there will be no pets. Maybe Lowji will ride horses and round up cattle?

Wrong again! The old movies of the American West are nothing like the small town of Hamlet. Slowly Lowji begins to adjust to his new environment. He meets some people, including Virgil and his pet pig Blossom, and he notices that a mysterious neighborhood girl is interested in him. Even Mrs. Crisp begins to heed his suggestions about getting a cat to chase the mice, a dog to protect the building from robbers, and two goats to eat the grass.

It is almost like having pets! As the summer passes, Lowji finds he is adjusting to life in America. He meets some boys at the bowling alley who burp in his face. When he burps right back at them, it is the start of a friendship. Lowji even solves the mystery of the footprints and handprints on the path in the woods. They belong to Tamika, the neighborhood girl whom he has seen riding her bike. Lowji and his family are not only adjusting to being in America, they are thriving.

Their heritage is Cherokee and Seminole and occasionally they visit their family in Oklahoma and celebrate native traditions as well as enjoying everyday activities such as fishing. In the first story, Ray trades his orange hightop sneakers for a pair of moccasins for Grampa. Ray and Grampa come up with a creative and humorous solution.

During one Christmas, the weather is too treacherous to make the trip to Oklahoma so Ray and Grampa stay in Chicago and watch all the pets in their neighborhood. Millie is closest to her grandmother, Maddie, but even that is going to change. In this book, Millicent keeps a journal of the summer before her senior year.

Her parents are letting her take a college course, but only if she also does something fun. At college, Millie remains an outcast. Stanford has to pass a summer school English class or he will have to repeat sixth grade. One good thing does come out of the volleyball league, Millie makes a friend, Emily, and they enjoy trips to the mall and sleepovers. Her tutoring sessions with Stanford are hysterical.

There are some touching, realistic moments in the book, too, as when Emily realizes that Millie has not been honest with her about being a genius. Millie is a welldeveloped character who learns not only to accept herself but also to accept others.

Since Stanford is a top basketball player, passing English is even more important. This diary account describes a summer of basketball camp, summer school, and tutoring by none other than Millicent Min. Neither Stanford nor Millie are thrilled by the arrangement so they decide to keep it a secret. Stanford does become motivated and by the end of the summer he passes English and is named to the A-team. He even gets a library card. This is a great choice for discussion and a lot of fun as kids see themselves in the characters in these books.

They are playing with their friends and visiting the library. The books in this chapter explore some of the everyday experiences of children, their families, and their friends. There are books about children who are adopted, like Jin Woo and Allison. And there are books about taking trips and going on picnics. There are connections among books of fiction, poetry, and biography. Sharing these books will promote discussion and encourage children to compare their experiences with those of the characters in these books.

In fact, Jane CowenFletcher uses that proverb for the title of her book about an older sister who is watching out for her younger brother only to discover that the whole village has been watching out for them both. These books describe diversity while celebrating common humanity. Children could create a mural that depicts their own homes. Children Just Like Me would provide excellent information for this project. The market is filled with people selling food and other wares.

Yemi quickly becomes distracted by a vendor with peanuts and she loses track of Kokou. As Yemi searches for him, Kokou visits several vendors, who watch out for him. When Yemi finds him, she realizes that many people have cared for him and she thanks each one. However, the activity in the village distracts him and he visits the tea shop, chases a black monkey, greets the village chief, and more.

Finally, he remembers the cows. His grandfather has herded them together and together, they return home.

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  5. In Lowndes County, Ala., it was thought that perhaps the last attempt to register to vote by a black person had been in , and no one could recall a black person voting, even though the county was 80 percent black. In Wilcox County, the last time a black person had voted was , when a compliant barber had been granted the privilege.
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