The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy - Tonio K. - Amerika (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Ole What? Here you can see some of the flutters of the younger, hungrier K being surrounded by an all-star cadre who felt his influence, especially in the frantic shuffle of "Stuck" and the somewhat corny but effectively empathetic take on homelessness "That Could Have Been Me.

Its a bit ham-fisted with Tonio adopting all the subtly of Neil Diamond, but the sentiment is real and relateable. Overall, its a maudlin but good record, one that ages about as well as the Golden Palominos all-star round-ups of the same era.

Yugoslavia Gadfly. Finally comes this collection of demos and scraps to close out the 20th century, detailing Tonio's take on the rough road that got him here. The informal quality of a number of songs fits his weary voice, bringing to mind the later stuff by Warren Zevon. I don't mean this in a disparaging way, this is well-written AOR, but it doesn't have the bite to transcend it like that of say, Greg Brown.

Overall, its a corny but listenable affair, one that would appeal to that older relative that goes for "grown-up music" like Joan Armatrading and Bruce Cockburn. Still, with the unevenness that comes with any career, its an interesting trek Tonio takes from snotty insurgent twerp to wizened fokie stargazer. For the money, I'd have to agree with the majority and say invest in his first album, it's an undersung classic, and if the rest sounds good to you, his collection Rodent Weekend might fit the bill.

Plus it contains the upstart minor hit "Too Cool To Be Christian" a swear word infected rant that details the internal dilemma of his own religious conversion. Thanks to the kind folks at CDBaby for providing a wealth of sample material and the people behind his fansite, without who this kind of knowledge would be lost forever. If you are harboring affections for an obscurity, as some readers were for poor dear Tonio, and you wish some learned hispter culture gurus like our humble selves would unearth it in its glory, showing all those that mocked you that your devotion is not in vain, drop us a note in the comments, we actually read them.

Alex V. Cook listens to everything and writes about most of it. Don't leave Heathrow without it. The full effect can be had at alex v cook. View previous campaigns. Alan Devey , Alex V. A man who fought to be the emotional game victor here is humble, patient and loving. The impact of the Gospel through song does not always have to come through the number of time Jesus is mentioned and through an altar call in three and a half minutes, but through the presence of witnessing a transformation of one impacted by the Gospel.

He describes the games played to keep the truth away from anyone and steps one will take to even experience something resembling love. Lost in a world that hates the creator and a war rages on between this world and the Lord that loves it.

But hope is not lost. This beautiful acoustic ballad supported by T-Bone Burnett sounds the most like Dylan both musically and lyrically. Here Krikorian recognizes the frailty of the human condition and their captivity to sin and their ultimate need to be released from the shackles that hold them down. That truth finishes this amazing album.

Musically creative and memorable, lyrically captivating and honest. Very few records reach this level. One of the great crimes is that Tonio K never received the attention and recognition so richly deserved. I learned a lesson in grace within a relationship myself directly because of this record. K- is the dog on the cover of the album and was used as a prop in all marketing and on stage during the concert.

I had the gift for several years before I got married. Soon after I was married I came home to find K-9 missing. My new bride loved the little gift as well as a very rare and cool piece of memorabilia. But as the story unfolded the cord from the vacuum cleaner got twisted aound the feet of the statue and…. I wanted to like Tonio K — but only really got into his Foodchain album.

My girlfriend stole this LP from me. I was at a Cornerstone music festival and I saw a booth with a skinny guy wearing dark sunglasses being ignored at a table at one end of the tent. I had never heard of him before.

I bought the album because it was only 5 bucks, I liked the cover, he said it was really good, I felt sorry for him and he looked like he needed the money! It immediately became one of my favorite albums. Despite not having much of his catalog, he is one of my favorite songwriters. He seems to think like I do and have a similar sense of humor to mine. He;s one of the most overlooked and at the same time one of the most praised musicians in CCM.

Great review Dave of this Brilliant album. This one is definitely in my top 10 maybe around the No. I bought it when it first came out and still listen to it very regularly to this day, and get a kick out of it every time. Again, Taylor proves himself a prophet here given that the great scandals of Swaggart, Hinn, Bakker and others were many years in the future. Are those in the pulpit allowed to be real and feel, struggle and fail?

Modern technology is addressed well before the invention of the cell phone. The theme of how the Gospel must penetrate the soulless life that believes it has no real needs and feels little true emotion.

Ultimately like the Apostle Paul, Taylor understands the struggle remains until Christ rules over all. Taylor was continually receiving comments and complaints from older fans that did not or would not travel with them on the musical trail the band was blazing. But Taylor does not leave the metaphor alone, but rather extends it to those who stay where they are spiritually, reliving past experiences and victories and never moving forward on their own spiritual trail blazing.

Comparing the christian life to a trip to Disneyland where special little angels are there at your beackon call is scathing while the musical palette is sweet and unassuming.

This Jerry Chamberlain tune is the most guitar focused rocker musically. But for someone who worked in the Christian Bookstore industry, it is more than justified. Delightfully so. Different voices speaking in various languages over a funky and quirky guitar riff with an English translator.

Very Swirling eddies like. Me thinks someone was listening to Tonio K. But the question as to the purpose of building such a structure and the proper use funds needed to do so receives firm and harsh treatment. This real lack of true communion is sad and all too real. Though not necessarily the very best Daniel Amos project recorded it remains my personal favorite and the one I listen to most.

OK…that may be an exaggeration…but not by much. Then as I could save money I would ask my parents to drive me to Maranatha Village or other Christian bookstores in town to pick up the most recent releases from Sweet Comfort, Daniel Amos and Darrell Mansfield. My first few days at my new job was primarily an education in how the store worked, my responsibilities and dealing with customers.

This birthed my fascination with Bruce Cockburn, an artist I have had the privilege of seeing in concert over 10 times and one of the few artists that I own every album he has released.

Cockburn had become a Christian at just about the time his solo career began despite being born and raised in an agnostic family setting. His brand of Christianity also informed his view of environmental and human rights issues.

These two subjects, especially the latter, would be an integral part of his work. Like the previously discussed songwriter, Bill Mallonee, Cockburn has drawn criticism from evangelical circles for his subject matter and for his use of provocative language. But also like Mallonee there never appears to be an illicit purpose for the use of language, but rather an understandable inclusion of such language to express or prove a point.

The subject matter, though, is quite often more provocative than certain linguistic choices. Leaning toward the political left, Cockburn has rubbed American evangelicalism the wrong way on more than one occasion. It should also be noted that Cockburn is quite the impressive musician. He is easily one of the finest acoustic guitar players around. His early work especially proved this point.

One concert I attended was a solo concert in which 20 separate instruments were place behind him on the stage. That night he performed 20 songs using a different instrument for each song. I was later told be a friend that the following evening that the order of the songs remained the same but the placement and instrument choices on stage changed! Humans was written as Cockburn traveled through Central America and Asia. Those visual and musical images are apparent and, in fact, dominate the album.

But it is not so say that I chose DITDJ because it is some sort of happy, poppy, CCM wanna be; that is not the reason at all nor would those words be used to describe the album in any way.

It is this amazing combination of simple and majestic, lyrically expressive and instrumentally compelling. You were dancing I saw you dancing Throwing your arms toward the sky Fingers opening Like flares Stars were shooting everywhere Lines of power Bursting outward Along the channels of your song Mercury waves flashed Under your feet Shots of silver in the shell-pink dawn…. Few artist can create such a tapestry of expression in just a few lines.

Cockburn appears to do this at will. And of course the marriage of music and lyric strike the right chord and the audience is immediately lost within the vision the artist weaves. After such a magical expression it would only make sense that Cockburn would bring the listener back to earth, so to speak. But Cockburn closes the song by pointing to something greater than himself and those around him.

He points to one that makes the normal and mundane and the glorious and mystical. He then reaches out and proclaims his desire to take part in a life controlled by one greater than himself. You can take the wisdom of this world And give it to the ones who think it all ends here. Let me be a little of your breath Moving over the face of the deep — I want to be a particle of your light Flowing over the hills of morning.

The song itself is sung in French and lasts over 6 minutes with very limited lyrics as it is really about the music this time. He we get a beautiful, though subtle, picture of the Gospel and the gift of God. Both the created order and the creation of the human experience are a reflection of the love and work of God.

From oily streets to splashing puddles Cockburn demonstrates that there is a love available to those who look deep enough, even within these normal occurrences. This more jazz influence folk song has Cockburn singing in double time, which has been a landmark style for this artist who writes too many words for his melody.

Engine throb street cruise light bullet car flash Hollow beauty night gleam oily river tension glass Ultraflame! The song examines the inexplicable inner joy and peace one has despite being surrounded by difficulties and pain.

But through it all Cockburn expresses a desire for the eternal. Up among the firs where it smells so sweet Or down in the valley where the river used to be I got my mind on eternity Some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me.

The poet finds inspiration in children playing and fighting while waiting for a train yet ultimately points to his needs for his creator. Oh — tongues of fire, come and kiss my brow If I ever needed you, well I need you now. At its core it is a love song. It is both a love song between a man and his love and between God and his creation.

The work of God at drawing all things toward him is compared to a true emotional and physical connection between a man and woman. Most often, if not exclusively, the term is used to describe a band from the Christian Music realm that has been able to make an impact on mainstream radio or sales through mainstream music outlets. Bands like Jars of Clay, Switchfoot and POD have made that transition or have achieved some level or recognizable influence in the mainstream market.

Such is the case of the record being spotlighted here. But this is not the only reason for its inclusion. In fact, if passion, integrity and raw emotion personifies what rock and roll is all about, Michael Been and The Call are the definition of rock and roll. And more than any other release from The Call, Reconciled delivers it in spades! After three marginally received projects, with a nod to the wonderful Modern Romans album that should have been a bigger hit than it was, The Call was without a label.

But in the band signed with Elektra and went into the studio to record their most successful project to date, Reconciled. While managing Maranatha Village I had heard about the upcoming release of reconciled and checked with my local mainstream distributor for any advance copies to review and consider for the store. He gave me a cassette and I was blown away. I immediately ordered some for the store and awaited the release.

In the meantime I sent a fax to the promotions department for Elektra asking for a bio and media kit. I had explained that as a Christian Bookstore I had certain lyrical content issues to be aware of and that people would be asking about the religious affiliations of the band members, especially of Been.

I had expected a normal press kit with bio, maybe lyrics and secretly hoping for a copy on compact disc. But what I received back blew me away. I took a copy of the note and the CD and went to the local christian radio station.

As it so happened the band was being managed by the same person who managed Kim Boyce at the time. We had become friends and when he received my fax to Elektra, he went to Been and asked him to do this for me.

It is a dark, gloriously passionate and provocative song. It was later covered by Russ Taff and appeared on several movie soundtracks. It is one the great rock songs of all time with a decidedly Biblical theme. Like much of the project the song starts slow, driven by bass and drum until the chorus with guitars and keyboards kick in full force. Again, like the Psalmist, things are not always pretty, but there is a sense of hope and reliance on Lord for grace and mercy.

But i still believe I still believe Through the pain And the grief Through the lies Through the storms Through the cries And through the wars Oh, i still believe. This sense of faith despite the trials and tribulations that surround is a theme that runs throughout the project. The artist has reconciled himself to the fact that the difficulties of life are only possible to overcome through a true and literal faith. It is all about hope as he sings.

But i still believe I still believe Through the shame And through the grief Through the heartache Through the years Through the waiting Through the years. For people like us In places like this We need all the hope That we can get Oh, i still believe. Though no other song would match the lyrical precision and passionate expression of this song, it would be a huge mistake to discount the rest of this project. Been baritone lower range starts slowly with the observation that the presence of the Lord is everywhere.

This echoes the Psalmist who wrote that even though he traveled to the depths of Sheol, the Lord was still there. Straight has curves Smiles, eyes, powers to confound me I lose my nerve Your voice, echoes all around me. Though not directly related, for some reason it is this song that makes me think of the album cover. What blood is it that is on the hands of America?

Neglect of the needy? No matter the source, the true blood that covers all of mankind is described in the final verse. In the beginning the subjects struggles with his past and his nature that wants to return to yesterday.

But again the sense of hope is driven home despite the inner turmoil. Been uses powerful imagery of a resurrection theme to express this horrific situation. But alas, he reaches a point of no other option. Been even has the following quote above the lyrics. The song closes with the odd but true idea that true love offends us as we cannot understand the depths of the love of God.

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See full search results on eBay. Oct Nov Discover more upcoming concerts. Amerika track list The tracks on this album have an average rating of 77 out of 1 out of 10 tracks have been rated. One Big Happy Family. Say Goodbye. Sons Of The Revolution. Go Away. Cinderella's Baby. Girl Crazy.

Tonio K had the familiar catch 22 of any artist who cuts a brilliant meisterwerk on the first try; where do we go from here? His second album (on a second label, Columibia dumped him after the incredible "Life In The Foodchain" and Arista picked him up for this) is in the same chaotic, angry but sardonic style of the debut but without the shock and awe that the debut brought forth/5(16).

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  1. Jan 13,  · Provided to YouTube by TuneCore The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy · Tonio K. Amerika ℗ N.Y.M. Recording Co. Released on: Auto-generated by You.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Amerika on Discogs. Label: Arista - AB • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Tonio K. - Amerika (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(17).
  3. Called 'a rousing original' by Rolling Stone when he burst onto the scene in with the classic Life in the Foodchain album, Tonio K. has had a rabid following since that release (Stereo Review called his debut 'the greatest album ever recorded,' then said that Amerika replaced it in that spot when it was released two years later!)/5(16).
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Amerika on Discogs. Label: Gadfly Records - Gadfly • Format: CD Album, Remastered • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Tonio K. - Amerika (, CD) | Discogs/5(5).
  5. Apr 24,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Tonio K - 9 - The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy - Amerika () YouTube The Very Best of Johnny Cash | 2 Hours - Duration: Nostalgic Music Channel Recommended.
  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Tonio K. - Amerika at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Tonio K. collection.
  7. Amerika, an Album by Tonio K. Released in on Arista (catalog no. AB ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Pop Rock, Rock. B4 The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy Vinyl LP Arista / AB Amerika .
  8. Label:CBS Catalog# Format:Vinyl, LP Country:Netherlands Released Genre:Rock Tracklist A1 One Big (Happy) Family A2 Say Goodbye A3 Sons Of The Revolution A4 Go Away A5 Cinderella's Baby B1 Trouble B2 Girl Crazy B3 I'll Buy It B4 The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy Merzsuite () B5 Let Us Join Together In A Tune B6 Umore/Futt /5(15).
  9. Oct 23,  · Tracklist: One Big Happy Family Say Goodbye Sons of the Revolution Go Away Cinderella's Baby Trouble Girl Crazy I'll Buy It The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy Merzsuite- Let Us Join Together in a Tune-Umore-Futt Futt Futt-Umore Line-up:: Accordion – .

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