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But when Robbie takes an offer to a week tour, Miley and Jackson are stuck with their worst enemy, Roxy. At the end, Maddie gets to meet Miley too, until Roxy goes too far literally protecting Miley. Special guest star : Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick. Miley tries, but fails, not to be bothered over an unflattering Hannah Montana billboard in hopes of making Lilly feel less self-conscious about having to wear her eyeglasses for a skateboarding competition after she loses her contacts, with Miley convincing Lilly that looks don't matter.

Meanwhile, Rico tricks Jackson to become his magic assistant, making him wear a red sparkling dress with a red sparkling tiara, and be named "The Lovely Tina", although Jackson gets revenge on Rico in the end. Miley becomes jealous of how he's being treated at school because of his fame and as a result tells a reporter about her secret identity and afterward has to convince the reporter that it's all in her head.

Meanwhile Jackson borrows and scratches Robbie's new car while picking up a girl he's dating and Robbie rips the front passenger door off Jackson's old car. Jake Ryan asks Miley to the school dance but she turns him down both times. After Hannah guest stars on Jake's TV show and almost kisses him, Miley realizes that she really does have feelings for him, so she tries to get him to take her back, but he's already taking Lilly to the dance.

Meanwhile, Robby and Jackson pull pranks on each other to see who's the prank master, which makes them not answer the door to a ten million dollar check. When Miley's godmother, Aunt Dolly Dolly Parton visits Malibu, she accidentally records a video tape of Miley saying that she's "totally in love" with Jake and then Oliver mixes it up with his own tape which Jake has to edit.

Aunt Dolly also turns the house more girly and pink, sending Robby and Jackson to extremes to preserve their "manliness". Meanwhile, Robby and Jackson decorate their house to make it look scarier than Dontzig's. Miley and Jake date other people in order to make each other jealous of the other, though it results in the pair kissing; Jackson uses Robby to get an "A" in Math class by hooking him up with his strict teacher, Ms.

Co-star : Gary Pease and Josie Loren. Miley uses her Hannah Montana power to her full advantage as she competes in a fund-raising event against Amber and Ashley to help Sarah; Jackson tries to beat Robby at a game after learning that all his previous 'victories' only happened because Robby was letting Jackson win. Miley and Jackson both receive new credit cards and promise to use them in "emergencies only", but Lilly convinces her to go to a flea market with her credit card, and buys almost everything there.

In order to pay off the bill, she sells Hannah's used clothes and accessories that she thinks that she'll "probably never have to wear again". When she finds out a pair of earrings from a video shoot are worth more money than she sold them for, she and Jackson go to extremes to retrieve them from the little old lady who bought them.

When a tabloid picture makes Hannah and Jackson look like a couple, Jackson takes advantage of being Hannah's "boyfriend" for the perks; Oliver works on a school project with Sarah, and ends up liking her. Miley accidentally gets Jackson fired from Rico's after harassing Rico to give Jackson a raise, so she hires him as Hannah's "personal assisticant" with disastrous results; Rico hires Oliver at his shop to replace Jackson.

Roxy disguises herself as a new student at Miley's school in order to protect Miley from getting beaten up by a bully; Robby and Jackson get snowed in at a cabin with a creepy owner Kenneth Mars and his equally creepy ventriloquist dummy. Hannah participates in Singing with the Stars , a contest that consists of amateurs paired with celebrities, and gets Amber in the top three with the intention of humiliating her, later regretting it; Jackson and Robby are annoyed by Dontzig's dog.

Hannah agrees to endorse a new fragrance, which smells like raspberries, but can't stand its smell because of a horrid childhood disaster where she threw up on the governor of Tennessee after winning a pie-eating contest in ; Jackson tries out for a television survival program with disastrous results.

Co-stars : Ryan Newman. Jackson arranges for Miley to learn what it's like to be the older sibling by having her babysit Dontzig's bratty niece until finding out her uncle was pretending to be sick; Robby gets over a cold with help from Roxy and her rather odd home remedies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from The Idol Side of Me. Main article: List of Hannah Montana episodes. USA Today. Retrieved August 6, Media Life Magazine.

Archived from the original on September 17, Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Meanwhile, Rico sets an alarm system because someone or something stole his sunglasses.

But Jackson gets annoyed by the alarm system. Hannah volunteers Roxy to work for President Martinez after she ruins Hannah's date with her backup dancer. Meanwhile, Jackson pretends to be a professional motor-cross racer to impress a girl. When Jake returns and re-kindles his relationship with Miley, she begins to feel guilty for keeping her "Hannah" secret from him; when Jackson gets fired, he and Oliver open a stand that sells "Cheese Jerky", which becomes more successful than Rico's.

Rico then attempts to steal their recipe. When Jake creates a "normal person" disguise for his dates with Miley but still expects the star treatment he's been used to for so long, Miley considers breaking up with him, but fears he will get mad and reveal her secret. Meanwhile Jackson and Oliver's Cheese Jerky stand goes from success to failure when they can't earn a profit.

Robby wrote a new song but he refuse to play on the guitar. Miley found the song and read the lyrics, only to find that the lyrics don't make any sense and starting hating it, without telling her dad. Because she hates the song, she start suffering from sleepwalking. It happens again in school during class when Miley had insulted a science teacher's appearance while sleepwalking and got in trouble and got sent to the principal's office as a result.

She return home and tells Jackson about how she hated the song and needs to confess to her dad. Unfortunately, Robby overhears it and got upset. She tells him about, only to discover that she wrote the song when she was 5. The real song is Bigger than Us made a big hit. Guest stars : Erin Matthews , Teo Olivares. When Hannah and Lola have to turn down a date with Jesse McCartney because Miley and Lilly have a science project due the next day, Miley wishes on a shooting star that she didn't have dual lives.

This episode is based on the movie, It's a Wonderful Life. Hannah wants to go to Florida for a charity concert to beat her singing rival Mikayla, but when Robby injures his back and won't let her go, Miley tricks Roxy into being her chaperone.

Hannah is invited to play in a celebrity tennis tournament, and invites Lola Lilly and Mike Oliver to attend, but realizes she shouldn't have brought either; Jackson tricks Rico into thinking he is "cursed" by paying a psychic to tell him he is an evil boy. Guest star : Karina Smirnoff , Michael Steger.

Lilly records a song for her mother, but Miley alters her voice to make it sound better, prompting Lilly to enter in Karaoke night. At her performance, Miley sings for her using a microphone outside the room for Lilly to lip sync to, but is exposed after being scared by a spider she accidentally let loose. Meanwhile, after a faulty attempt at getting Sarah to like Rico, Jackson has to deal with her when she thinks he likes her. She and Lilly dress up as two male singers Milo and Otis as part of a plan to break up their "bromance".

Meanwhile, Jackson tries to break the world pogo-stick record. Guest star : Debra D. Holt Special guest stars : The Jonas Brothers. In order to get the hot new Z-Phone, Miley gets Lilly to take an embarrassing paparazzi picture of Hannah to sell to a tabloid, but the picture shows a necklace that says 'Miley', so they trade the Hannah photo for a picture of "The Rock" with makeup on; Jackson gets a sunburn at a volleyball game, and doesn't want Robby to find out.

Miley gets jealous when Mikayla is cast as Jake's love interest in his next movie, so she schemes to get Mikayla fired from the film; Rico bets Oliver and Jackson that they can't go as long as he can without taking a shower.

Miley and Lilly envision becoming sisters when they notice a spark of love between Miley's dad and Lilly's mom Heather Locklear. The girls then try to get the two to go out on a date, but when it goes wrong, the two blame each other's parent so the two girls start fighting.

Meanwhile Jackson and Rico switch places to see who could last in each other's shoes. Mammaw Ruthie and Aunt Dolly return to celebrate Hannah's latest award but Dolly and Ruthie fight too much over Elvis Presley and ruin Hannah's award speech; Oliver agrees to help Rico film a commercial, but Rico can't shake his fear of being in front of a camera. Special guest stars : Vicki Lawrence and Dolly Parton. Meanwhile Robbie attempts to build a bookshelf.

Guest stars : Joey Fatone and Juliette Goglia. Uncle Earl David Koechner arrives for a visit with the intention of becoming a rockstar; Barney Bittman Gilbert Gottfried , a music critic renowned for his harsh criticism of popular performers, is planning on reviewing Hannah Montana. While returning from Hannah's New Mexico tour, Miley nearly gets struck by lightning and dreams about how her parents first met at a diner and tries to make Robby and Miley's mom meet before she and Jackson totally disappear.

Meanwhile, Lilly and Oliver get stuck to chairs, and attempt to get unstuck so they don't miss the Maroon 5 concert. Special guest star : Brooke Shields. Miley and Jackson forget that it was their father's 40th birthday, and argue over why he is annoyed at them.

When they figure it out, they go to great lengths to make it up to him. Lilly and Oliver find a chip shaped like Darth Vader and try to sell it. Hannah is chosen to be inducted on a walk of fame, but Miley's upset when her prime location is suddenly downgraded to make room for a star puppet, "Pancake Buffalo", with a superstar sized attitude.

Meanwhile Robbie takes over Jackson's shift when he can't get his car to go. The program itself premiered through the Disney Channel on March 24, ; after becoming an immediate commercial success, production on its soundtrack began the following month. Eight of its thirteen tracks are performed by the series' primary actress Miley Cyrus , and are credited to her character Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana was reissued as a two-disc special edition on March 20, The soundtrack is primarily a pop rock record, which sees additional influences from teen pop , pop punk , and country pop musical styles. The lyrical themes revolve largely around " girl power ", teen romance, and the double life that Cyrus' character lives on the program. Hannah Montana received generally favorable reviews from music critics , who appreciated its overall production.

It debuted at number one on the US Billboard with first-week sales of , copies. In doing so, it became Cyrus' first number-one album, the first television soundtrack to reach the peak position on the chart, and the fourth soundtrack from The Walt Disney Company to debut in the top-ten of the chart.

The soundtrack charted moderately on international record charts , having reached the top-twenty in countries including Austria, Canada, Norway, and Spain. It reached number 92 on the US Billboard Hot During production of the first season of Hannah Montana , Cyrus commented that at the moment, they were focused on improving the series as much as possible, however recording a soundtrack for it was a plausible plan for the future.

These plans were expected to capitalize on promotional efforts previously used for Hilary Duff , who had successfully transitioned from the title character of the television series Lizzie McGuire into a career in the music industry in the early s.

In the series, Cyrus portrays the character Miley Stewart , a teenager who lives the secret double life as the pop star Hannah Montana. She stated that "most songs for the first season reflect the show, with Miley or Hannah making sure the other doesn't get caught or whatever," opining that the tracks provided series producers with the opportunity to "make sure that everyone understood the characters".

By comparison, Cyrus described later material used by the series as "more speaking out to the fans. Cyrus performs eight of its thirteen tracks, which are credited to Hannah Montana. It was followed by " I Got Nerve ", which charted at number After being reissued, " Nobody's Perfect " peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Hot Writing for AllMusic , Heather Phares enjoyed Cyrus' deliveries of "cute, well-written songs", and added that the overall project was "sweet, starry-eyed, [and] utterly charming".

On November 1, Hannah Montana officially debuted at number one with first-week sales of , copies, making a difference of 41, units more than The Black Parade , which charted in second place. Credits adapted from the liner notes of Hannah Montana.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hannah Montana. Pop rock pop punk teen pop country pop. Main article: Best of Both Worlds Tour.

"The Idol Side of Me" is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season. The title is a reference to Miley Cyrus' song "The Other Side of Me" and American Idol. The TV show "Singing With The Stars" is set up to see who can sing the best and the winner gets to perform with Hannah Montana. At school, Amber and Ashley's new popularity list places Miley and Lilly in last place, tied with Dandruff.

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  1. Hannah Montana is the soundtrack album for the first season of the television series Hannah Montana, released on October 24, by Walt Disney program itself premiered through the Disney Channel on March 24, ; after becoming an immediate commercial success, production on its soundtrack began the following month. Eight of its thirteen tracks are performed by the series Genre: Pop rock, Pop punk, teen pop, country pop.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CDr release of Hannah Montana on Discogs.
  3. – Hannah Montana: Other Side Of Me: Hannah Montana (Original Soundtrack) ‎ (CDr, Album, Promo) Walt Disney Records: none: UK & Europe: Sell This Version: Reviews Add Review [r] Release. Edit Release All Versions of this Release New Submission. Add to 5/5(1).
  4. thumb|px|left "The Other Side of Me" expresses how hard it is to live as both an ordinary girl and a popstar, and how difficult it is to remember who to be when. It also talks about the singer's desire to show all of herself to people, and to be accepted and fit in. 1 Lyrics 2 Episodes 3 Chart Performance 4 Audio Releases This song was used in the following Episodes: I Can't Make You Love.
  5. – Hannah Montana: The Best Of Both Worlds: – Hannah Montana: Who Said: – Hannah Montana: Just Like You: – Hannah Montana: Pumpin' Up The Party: – Hannah Montana: If We Were A Movie: – Hannah Montana: I Got Nerve: – Hannah Montana: The Other Side Of Me: – Hannah Montana: This Is The Life:
  6. May 31,  · "put your parents down" " I'm a little tied up right now.. Great song though, great song" LOL *I do not own anything in this video.
  7. Aug 03,  · "Yet Another Side of Me" is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 2. The title of this episode refers to Hannah Montana's own song The Other Side of Me from season Plot. The episode starts with Dahliano, the designer, dressing up Hannah for a show. Hannah loves it and does her "Hannah Happy Dance", but when Isis (a singer who sings Immaterial Girl) comes in Dahliano changes the .
  8. Oct 24,  · – Hannah Montana: Other Side Of Me: 8 Hannah Montana (Original Soundtrack) ‎ (CDr, Album, Promo) Walt Disney Records: none: UK & Europe: Sell This Version: Hannah Montana: Hannah Montana (As Melhores Músicas Da .

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