Untitled - Robert Linke - Oper ;Christian Heckel; (Cassette)

House Busters Episode While trying to tear down an abandoned old house, contractors Heckle and Jeckle's efforts are hampered by an escaped convict who is using the house as a hideout. The magpies not only finish their job, they send the crook running back to prison. Off To The Opera Episode Their efforts are thwarted by the opera house's head of security, Spike.

Seaside Adventure Episode This is erroneously billed in other sources as a Heckle and Jeckle cartoon, but it isn't.

It's about a young bunny going into a seashell to seek his fortune and help his impoverished family. Movie Madness Episode Heckle and Jeckle crash the Wacky Studios movie lot, and are pursued by a studio guard a dim-witted bulldog who's hot on their trail. They interfere with several movies being made and, at several points, disguise themselves as movie stars. Steeple Jacks Episode Entrepreneurs Heckle and Jeckle are pursued throughout a building construction site by the bulldog watchman.

The Rainmakers Episode After a rainstorm ruins their picnic, Heckle and Jeckle make a wish on a wishbone that it will never rain again. Their wish only leads to a massive drought that dries up all of the water in the world.

They cause the clouds to fight amongst themselves and rain is finally produced. The magpies return home to a hero's well-deserved and wet! Bulldozing The Bull Episode Hot tamale vendors Heckle and Jeckle are busy selling their wares at the bullfights. Unfortunately, their tamales make everybody sick.

Angered at their interference with the event, the stadium's owner forces the two magpies to fight the bull. Rival Romeos Episode Spring is in the air, and Heckle and Jeckle vie for the attention of a cute blonde bird.

King Tut's Tomb Episode While digging up the pharaoh's grave, the treasure-seeking magpies disturb the local spooks. They're nearly killed by evil mummies and Frankenstein's Monster In a girlie scene, a harem cat dances to a tune from the royal jukebox. A Merry Chase Episode Wanted criminals Heckle and Jeckle are pursued by Dimwit and the tough bulldog. The Fox Hunt Episode Heckle and Jeckle become part of a televised fox hunt when the fox and his pursuer, Dimwit, burst through their TV screen.

Dancing Shoes Episode Struggling salesmen Heckle and Jeckle try to sell their dancing shoes at a fancy hotel. The hotel's house detective Spike tries to stop the pair from peddling their wares. The dancing shoes malfunction and send the two magpies running out of the hotel and into the streets. Hula Hula Land Episode The magpies come across a beach resort and set up a scam phony hot dogs. A cop bulldog and his dumb accomplice, Dimwit the hound, try to catch them but are outsmarted at every turn.

Heckle lets the air out of the rubber horse that Dimwit is riding, and the bulldog gets conked on the head with a sledgehammer. Eventually, the magpies end up as targets in a shooting gallery and they get a bomb thrown at them. In his final years, he would receive calls from people around the world, old friends that he had met during his travels.

He never stopped his quest for knowledge and could stump his spelling bee champion great-granddaughter. While he may be gone, his ship, Idle Queen , is in good hands. I know many people come to this site looking for information on him, and I hope to do periodic updates on this page. If you have any questions which I can pass on to Florence Russell, please feel free to use the contact form. Name required Email required Website Comment required Submit. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Jahresblatt: Clematisblute , Jahresblatt: Auffliegender Vogel , Jahresblatt: Vogel und Trauben , Zwei Frauen Two Women , Serial Number. All pieces. Front of boot close-up.

Secondary label. Rebuilt U-tube with serial number. Back side of all pieces. Right thumb area. All Joints. Label on Boot. Side of Boot showing Low G mechanism. Side of Boot. Side of Wing. Curved side of Wing. Outside of Long joint. Inside of Long joint.

Close-up of bell ring. Boot from back. Boot from front. Bell from front. Label on Bell. Lower back. Close-up of right thumb area. In case: close up. U-Tube with serial number. Left side of case. Right thumb keys. Label on wing joint. Wing and long joints. Letter from Heckel in describing the instrument. All Parts.

Low Eb kay. Low G key, showing conversion. Right finger holes. Left finger holes. Wing C key. Serial number on U-Tube. In Case left. In Case center. In Case right. Boot back. Boot front. Boot top. Left thumb keys. Low B key. Side of long joint. Serial number bad photo. Front-Full length. Front of Boot. Back of Boot. Front of wing and long joint. Joints turned over. All in case. In case left. In case right. On background. All joints close-up. Bell and Boot. Detail of all joints. Close up of bell label and serial number.

Fully assembled. Bell and Long joint. Top of the boot, bell and long joints. Middle of the wing, bell and long joints. Back Ab key. Bb key guard. Bell label, showing other stamping. Hand rest bracket removed. Left finger area. Label on long joint. Serial number restored. Close-up restored. In Case restored. In Case 2. Wing and long joint tenons.

Label on Wing joint. Wing joint side view. Wing joint inside view. Long joint front view. Long joint back view. Boot back view. Boot front view. Bell back view. Bell front view. Low D key. Left Thumb area. Bell label. Right-hand finger holes. Left-hand finger holes. In Case-after restoration. Front-after restoration. Back-after restoration.

Bottom of Boot. Boot and Bell. Back; mid section. Front; mid section. All joints in case. Wing and boot joint. Full assembled. Repaired long joint. Top of wing joint. Serial number on U-tube. In the case. All joints Split bell. Upper back. Mid back. Mid front. Lower Boot back. Mid Side. French bell. All Pieces. Label on Long joint. Lower Front. Mid Front. Front of Wing. In Case Inside curve of wing. Outside of long joint. Close-up of Low Bb key.

Low Bb key closeup 2. Low Bb key closeup 3. Front of long joint. Back of wing and long joints. Back of Bell. Top tenon of long joint. Bare wood restoration. Bottom of long joint. All joints; top view. All joints; bottom view. Right finger keys. Left finger keys. Left finger keys again. Full front. Full back. Front keywork. Back keywork. In case Close up of low D key. Joints flipped over. Joints flipped over Bell keys and Low B key.

Serial number from above. Looking down the Boot. In Case pre-restoration. Serial number pre-restoration. Front of Wing and Long joints. In Case, view 1. In Case, view 2. Wing joint-front.

Wing joint-back. Balance Hanger. Left Fingers. Right Fingers. Right Thumb keys. Side of wing joint. Ritgh thumb keys. In Case 1. Back of Wing and Front of Boot. Back of Bell and Long joint. Right Finger area. In Case1. In Case2. In Case3. WingLong front. WingLong back. Low D splice. Long joint tenon. All joints flipped. Close-up of tenons. Crack in long joint. Low Bb key. Just after refinishing. Close up 1. Close up 2. On pegs before restoration. On pegs after restoration. Centennial stamping.

Boot cap. Front of wing and long joints. Back view of wing and long joints. In case, view 1. In case, view 2. In Case, view 3.

Bell Band. Right thumb. Boot-back 2. Wing-side view. Right-hand finger area. Left index finger close-up. Serial number on boot. Mid section. Assembled, front. Joints laying out. Assembled, back. Front view. Back view. Wing and Long joint. Left Finger area. Left Thumb 2. Left Fingers 2.

Right Thumb area. Original owner stampings. Boot and Wing joint. Wing and Bell. In Case new. Bell new. Bell ring new. Back of boot new. Right finger holes new. Wing joint new. Left finger holes new. Right thumb keys new. Top tenon of long joint new. Bottom tenon of long joint new. Serial number new.

Back: Boot. Back: Left Thumb. Back: Bell. Front: Boot. Front: Left Finger holes. All parts-front. All parts-back. Close-up of right-hand I tone hole.

William Heinrich Heckel was born on month day , at birth place, to Christian Robert Heckel and Ellen Louisa Heckel (born Eller). Christian was born on October 27 Ellen was born on July 9 , in Tonbridge (England). William had 5 siblings: Arthur Peter Heckel, Robert Heckel and 3 other siblings.

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  5. Jul 27,  · Erich Heckel, German painter, printmaker, and sculptor who was one of the founding members of Die Brücke (“The Bridge”), an influential group of German Expressionist artists. He is best known for his paintings and bold woodcuts of nudes and landscapes. In Heckel .
  6. 2 M A2 4 E Heckel Pfleger M Morwitz Heckel Erich Pfleger M Morwitz Watercolou 52 1 x 37 7cm Inv Nr 16 94 Oboe, oboe with typical application: rings, flaps with 'bassoon rolls' (for easy sliding) and a 'flapping flap' B over the back., Firma Heckel, Biebrich, c. , Reimagined by Gibon, design of warm cheerful glowing of.
  7. Erich Heckel was a German artist and founding member of the influential German Expressionist group Die Brücke. View Erich Heckel’s 7, artworks on artnet. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. See available prints and multiples, works on paper, and paintings for sale and learn about the artist.
  8. Robert Heckel was born circa , at birth place, Wisconsin, to William Heckel and Christine Heckel (born Wilhelm). William was born Circa November 7 , in Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Christine was born on November 1 , in Alsace, Grand Est, France.
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